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  1. There are a few really common pitfalls
    that developers should avoid.
  2. First and foremost,
    it's using your analytics improperly.
  3. A good example of this is
    relying on vanity metrics.
  4. Vanity metrics are things
    such as daily active users.
  5. These might be extremely large,
    attractive numbers, 100,000, a million
  6. people but they don't actually tell you
    how the app or the game is performing.
  7. You might have a huge number of people
    but nobody's actually monetizing,
  8. or the percentage of the people
    that are monetizing,
  9. even though the average revenue
    per user is really high,
  10. the percentage of total people who
    are making a purchase is absurdly low.
  11. You're leaving money on the table.
  12. Make sure that you're not
    relying on those vanity metrics.
  13. Make sure you're tracking
    exactly the right things.
  14. Only things that actually determine
    whether or not you're making money or
  15. retaining users.
  16. It might be interesting to see how many
    people are engaging with the multiplayer
  17. feature within your game but if it's
    not actually contributing to your
  18. monetization, the percentage of
    people that are making a purchase or
  19. sticking around or
    sharing the game with their friends,
  20. then it makes the most sense to
    leave that out of your analysis.
  21. Finally, when looking at your analytics,
  22. make sure you're not getting
    consumed with the minutia.
  23. In a lot of cases, there will
    be a great degree of noise but
  24. not a whole lot of signal, particularly
    statistically significant signal.
  25. Make sure that in the end,
    if you see a small day to day, or
  26. week to week fluctuations that
    you're only acting on it if it's
  27. actually something that is significant.
  28. One mistake that we see a lot,
    is that developers rely on one
  29. particular ad network, or a monetization
    method for all of their monetization.
  30. You don't want to put all
    of your eggs in one basket.
  31. Even if you have a great relationship
    with whoever the person is that sold you
  32. that particular method,
    make sure that there are fallbacks,
  33. just in case there's a problem.
  34. Finally, don't use emotion or
  35. don't rely on an emotion in
    order to make your decisions.
  36. Do everything based on the numbers.
  37. There's great data somewhere out there
    that's going to determine exactly what's
  38. right for you,
    all you have to do is find it.