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  1. At the end of Unit 4, we built a search index that could respond to queries
  2. and would do this by going through each entry one at a time,
  3. checking if the keyword matched the word we were looking for,
  4. and then responding with a result for that.
  5. I wanted to ask Gabriel Weinberg, the creator of DuckDuckGo, how well that approach will work
  6. if we have a large index with lots of queries.
  7. You'll find that with a large index with lots of queries, it will be too slow.
  8. A typical search engine should respond in under a second and often times much faster.
  9. But with that algorithm, having to go through each link like that one after the other,
  10. you could be on the order of seconds or even longer.
  11. So what we're going to learn this unit is how to make this much faster.