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  1. This question is something of a test of your vocabulary. Shading refers to per
  2. vertex versus per pixel. With Gouraud being per vertex and Phong being per
  3. pixel. We're given the per pixel will be considerably more costly than per
  4. vertex. So this side of the grid will be more expensive. Illumination refers to
  5. the Lambertian diffuse model versus the Blinn Phong specular model. Since the
  6. Blinn-Phong model builds on the Lambertian model, adding shininess, it must be
  7. more costly. So the top part of this grid will be more expensive. These two
  8. facts establish that Gourand and Lambert is the quickest and Phong shading with
  9. Blinn-Phong illumination is the most expensive. The tie break between these
  10. other two combinations is that per pixel shading is given to be much more costly
  11. than vertex shading. This tips the balance so that Gouraud shading and
  12. Blinn-Phong illumination is faster than Phong Shading and Lambertian
  13. Illumination.