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  1. Celestial events will be apparent
    at the crater site that you won't be able to see,
  2. only be able to see
    in a few other spots on the earth.
  3. To have a certain new
    eight and a half minute old light from the sun,
  4. to feel it physically almost as we taste things,
  5. this where you can work with light like that.
  6. Also, I wanted to use the very fine qualities of light
  7. I wanted to gather starlight
    that was from outside the planetary system,
  8. which would be older than our solar system.
  9. And you can gather that light
    and physically have that in place
  10. so that it is physically present
    to feel this old light.
  11. This is the opening to the crater
  12. so it's an elliptical sky space.
  13. The spaces really take you up into the sky
  14. and certainly the events
    from the sky come through them
  15. down into the crater.