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  1. The complex conjugate of 2 minus 3i is just two plus 3i. Once again, we just
  2. look at the sign of the coefficient b over here, the coefficient of the
  3. imaginary part of the number and we flip it. It was negative and now it's
  4. positive. Let's look then at the graphical relationship between complex
  5. conjugates. The two orange points here are one pair of conjugates, 3 plus 4i and
  6. 3 minus 4i. And the teal points are another pair, 2 plus 3i and 2 minus 3i. What
  7. we notice is that the horizontal coordinate of either point in each pair is the
  8. same. But the vertical coordinate is just flipped so each point is just a
  9. reflection of the point it matches with across the real axis. If we have the
  10. number negative 8 minus 4i, then its conjugate must be the point that has the
  11. same horizontal coordinate and the opposite vertical coordinate, so it will be
  12. this negative 8 plus 4i which does seem to be correct.