Intro 10.4 Scaling in Cities (2)

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New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Fe differ historically, geographically, and culturally, but are there qualities that are universal to cities across the globe? Theoretical physicist Geoffrey West shows how certain mathematical equations can represent cities as similar organic "networks" across a range of scales.



Growth, Innovation, and the Accelerating Pace of Life from Cells to Cities and Corporations: Are They Sustainable?

Geoffrey West: Distinguished Professor and former President, Santa Fe Institute. Senior Fellow, former leader of high energy physics, Los Alamos National Laboratory. BA, Cambridge University (1961); PhD (physics,1966), faculty (1970), Stanford University.

Theoretical physicist with primary interests in fundamental problems: elementary particles, cosmological implications, origins of universal scaling laws, unifying quantitative framework of biology, including metabolic rate, growth, aging, death, sleep, cancer, and ecosystems.

Presently developing unified theory of cities, companies and sustainability, including growth, innovation and the accelerating pace of life. Many awards including Harvard Business Review breakthrough idea (2007) and Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World" (2006).