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  1. >> Hey Christian, finished.
  2. >> Indeed.
  3. >> Congratulations. You're at the end of the course.
  4. >> You've now learned a lot of concepts through the last
  5. three projects, and taken the first steps to being a designer.
  6. >> So let me do a quick summary of what we've gone over in this course. First
  7. of all there were six fundamental design principles, and
  8. that lead. To the gulf of execution, the gulf
  9. of evaluation, which led to seven questions that
  10. people ask as they try to use something.
  11. Those seven questions, the ones that crossed the
  12. two gulfs, illustrate the important role of designers, which
  13. is to communicate. Communicate the conceptual model they
  14. have to the person who's going to use
  15. the product. How do you do the communication?
  16. Well it's via the product itself, the system image.
  17. So how do you cross that gap? Well, the tools are very
  18. simple. It's affordances and signifiers and
  19. conceptual models, and that's the whole course.
  20. >> Through these three projects, you've learned a lot of techniques that are
  21. really powerful. You've learned to go and observe the world, you've learned to
  22. create invitations such as with the
  23. queue. And with user interface, well, screens
  24. are all around us. So you've
  25. learned some powerful techniques like idea generation,
  26. rapid prototyping and user evaluation. You can take that, you can get better at
  27. those things, you can learn more, you can build and you can change the world.
  28. >> Hey, Christian.
  29. >> Hey, Don. Oh thank you, you found it.
  30. >> Have a box.
  31. >> Mm-hm.
  32. >> Excellent.
  33. >> Congratulations.
  34. >> Hey, congratulations to you, too.
  35. >> I enjoyed making this course.
  36. >> I enjoyed it, too.
  37. >> You know, I hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.
  38. >> [LAUGH] Is that my gift? You brought it!
  39. >> Well yeah.
  40. >> [LAUGH] Thank you, now I'm going to find out what it is.
  41. Oh you shouldn't have. No seriously you shouldn't have.
  42. >> But I did.
  43. >> It's empty [LAUGH].