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  1. This guy is moving his bucket upwards and he is exerting a force that is also somehow upwards.
  2. I can take some component of this and it would be parallel to this.
  3. Same direction means positive.
  4. For the woman on the other hand,
  5. well, she still lifts up to hold the bucket upright but she is taking it downstairs.
  6. Opposite direction means negative work.
  7. And this sort of makes sense, it's in line with our intuition.
  8. It's hard to carry heavy things upstairs. To do so, you need to do work on that.
  9. Taking things downstairs is much easier. The work done there is negative.
  10. This thing wants to go downstairs.
  11. I know we're talking a lot about work but that's only because it's such a vital concept.
  12. Stick with me a few more minutes and you're going to encounter something amazing.