Shekini P-Square - Zumba Choreography

Shekini P-Square - Zumba Choreography

I present you: all Zumba teachers at the Training Club in Dedemsvaart. We had a lot of fun shooting this video. It is for promotion of the Zumba classes at the Training Club. Wanted to share it on my YouTube channel as well. I am moving to Brazil soon, so Denise Clements (my sister) will take over my classes. I will definitely miss teaching Zumba in the Netherlands. Hopefully, I will be able to keep on teaching in Brazil.

Music by P-Square. Choreography is not our own original. We just love it so much we wanted to share it!

Suzanne Knol:
Denise Clements:
Bertine Boertjes:
Steffie da Costa:

What is my goal?
I wanna dance as many different dance styles as possible and learn from talented people! I want to interview them, film them and dance till we can't anymore! I will attend workshops, private classes, festivals etc.

Wanna dance with me or invite me to your event? Send me an email at and hopefully, I will attend your event!

Besides dancing, I will also share my daily life. I also have a bucket list with non-dancing related things, so you'll see these kinda videos pop-up as well.

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