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  1. Single letter changes in the genome are referred to
  2. as single nucleotide variations or SNVs. Some of you
  3. may have heard of SNVs before, but maybe under
  4. a different name. Single nucleotide polymorphism or SNPs. SNVs and
  5. SNPs are the same thing. But the convention is
  6. changing, and SNV is a newer abbreviation. It's one we're
  7. adopting in our course because it's technically more accurate.
  8. But for all intents and purposes, it means the same
  9. thing as a SNIP, if you've heard of one before. Now,
  10. SNVs or single nucleotide variations, are one of the most common
  11. forms of mutations in humans, and it represents a lot of
  12. the variation in the human gene pool. When you have an
  13. SNV, the effect it can have depends entirely on whether it's
  14. in the coding region or the non-coding region of your genome.
  15. So I want you to tell me where do you think
  16. a bigger effect would be had for an SNV? The coding
  17. region or the non-coding region? Pick one of them
  18. and then justify your answer in the text box.