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  1. Have you ever felt like the world of
    math seems confusing or irrelevant? It can
  2. certainly feel that way sometimes,
    especially if it is explained without any
  3. sort of real world context. But math is
    not simply a set of rules. It's an
  4. intricate and fascinating language that
    we've developed to understand and describe
  5. the world around us. >> In this course we
    will approach college algebra using three
  6. real world scenarios. First, we'll have a
    new startup company, with a very creative
  7. product, figure out how to handle it's
    finances. >> Next, we'll look at how
  8. architects use mathematics to design
    concert halls. >> At the end of the
  9. course, we'll talk about how to model the
    population change of endangered species
  10. and invasive species. >> These scenarios
    will help you develop a deep understanding
  11. of algebra and teach you how to solve
    problems more effectively. >> So join us
  12. to learn how intuitive, relevant, and
    compelling algebra can be.