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Unit 1w, 5 Checkers Answer

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  1. So, checkers is an interesting game.
  2. Here's the typical board of the game of checkers.
  3. Your pieces might look like this,
  4. and your opponent's pieces might look like this.
  5. And apart from some very cryptic rules in checkers,
  6. which I won't really discuss here, the board basically tells you
  7. everything there is to know about checkers, so it's clearly fully observable.
  8. It is deterministic because your move and your opponent's move
  9. very clearly affect the state of the board in ways that have
  10. absolutely no stochasticity.
  11. It is also discrete because there's finitely many action choices
  12. and finitely many board positions,
  13. and obviously, it is adversarial, since your opponent is out to get you.