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Music video by Morrissey performing The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get.

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  1. The more you ignore me
  2. The closer I get
  3. You're wasting your time
  4. The more you ignore me
  5. The closer I get
  6. You're wasting your time
  7. I will be
  8. In the bar
  9. With my head
  10. On the bar
  11. I am now
  12. A central part
  13. Of your mind's landscape
  14. Whether you care
  15. Or do not
  16. Yeah, I've made up your mind
  17. The more you ignore me
  18. The closer I get
  19. You're wasting your time
  20. The more you ignore me
  21. The closer I get
  22. You're wasting your time
  23. Beware
  24. I bear more grudges
  25. Than lonely high court judges
  26. When you sleep
  27. I will creep
  28. Into your thoughts
  29. Like a bad debt
  30. That you can't pay
  31. Take the easy way
  32. And give in
  33. Yeah, and let me in
  34. Uh, let me in
  35. Uh, let me in
  36. Let me in
  37. It's war
  38. It's war
  39. It's war
  40. It's war
  41. It's war
  42. War
  43. War
  44. War
  45. War
  46. Oh, let me in
  47. Ah, the closer I get
  48. Ah, you are asking for it
  49. Oh, the closer I get
  50. The closer I...