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  1. The Reverend G. N. Gordon and his wife.
  2. "They went to Erromango
  3. on the 20th of May, 1861.
  4. He was working at the roofing
  5. of the printing office,
  6. and sent his lads to bring each a load
  7. of long grass to
    finish the roof thatching.
  8. Meantime, a party of Erromangon's
  9. from a district called Bunk Hill
  10. under a chief named Lovou
  11. had been watching him.
  12. They'd been to the
    mission house inquiring.
  13. They'd seen him send
    away his Christian lads,
  14. so they found him alone.
  15. They then hid in the bush,
  16. sent two of their men to the
    missionary to ask for calico.
  17. On a piece of wood, he
    wrote a note to Mrs. Gordon
  18. to give them two yards each.
  19. They asked him to go with
    them to the mission house
  20. as they needed medicine for a sick boy
  21. and Lovou their chief wanted to see him.
  22. He tied up in a napkin a meal of food
  23. which had been brought
    to him, but not eaten,
  24. and started to go with them.
  25. He requested the native Narvalette
  26. to go on before with his companion,
  27. but they insisted upon his going in front.
  28. In crossing a streamlet,
  29. which I visited shortly afterwards,
  30. his foot slipped.
  31. A blow was aimed at him with a tomahawk
  32. which he caught.
  33. The other man struck, but
    his weapon was also caught.
  34. One of the tomahawks was then wrenched
  35. out of his grasp.
  36. The next moment, a blow on the spine
  37. laid the dear missionary low.
  38. A second blow on the neck almost severed
  39. the head from the body.
  40. The other natives then
    rushed from their ambush,
  41. began dancing around him
    with frantic shoutings.
  42. Mrs. Gordon hearing the noise
  43. came out and stood in
    front of the mission house
  44. looking at the direction of
    her husband's working place
  45. wondering what was happening.
  46. Oben, one of the party who had run
  47. towards the station the
    moment that Mr. Gordon fell
  48. now approached her.
  49. A merciful clump of trees
    had hid from her eyes
  50. all that had occurred.
  51. And she said to Oben,
  52. "What's the cause of that noise?"
  53. He replied, "Oh nothing,
  54. only the boys amusing themselves."
  55. Saying, "Where are the boys?"
  56. she turned around.
  57. Oben slipped stealthily behind her,
  58. sank his tomahawk into her back,
  59. and with another blow
    almost severed her head.
  60. Such was the fate of these two
  61. devoted servants of the Lord,
  62. loving in their lives and in
    their deaths not divided,
  63. their spirits wearing the
    crowns of martyrdom
  64. entered glory together to be welcomed
  65. by Williams and Harris,
  66. whose blood was shed near the same
  67. now hallowed spot
  68. for the name and cause of Jesus.
  69. They had labored four years on Erromango
  70. amidst trials and dangers manifold,
  71. and had not been without
    tokens of blessing
  72. in the Lord's work.
  73. Never more earnest or devoted missionaries
  74. lived and died in the heathen field.
  75. Other accounts indeed have been published
  76. and another was reported to me
  77. by Mr. Gordon's Christian lads."
  78. And he writes this:
  79. "Some severe criticisms of course
  80. were written and published
  81. by those angelic creatures
  82. who judge all things
  83. from their own safe and easy distance."
  84. Everybody ready for this one?

  85. This one was sent to me
    Monday, November 26th.
  86. So this is very new.
  87. Because this is a current event -
  88. had John Allen Chau been killed
  89. as of a week ago tonight?
  90. When did that happen?
  91. (from the room)
  92. I think it was like the week before.
  93. Tim: Yeah, it seems
    like it was 10 days ago
  94. or a week and a half or so.
  95. But I take it that the question
  96. hadn't been submitted as of last Tuesday.
  97. But this is really the only one
  98. that I want to deal with tonight.
  99. And I think it is definitely worthy
  100. of our conversation for at
    least an hour probably.
  101. This was submitted by Tricia Hudson.
  102. She says,
  103. "Hi James, we've been supporters
  104. of your ministry and of your church
  105. for the last three years,
  106. and so appreciate your
    labors for the Gospel.
  107. We were wondering if your ministry
  108. and your church could address
  109. the truths and controversies
  110. around the death of John Chau
  111. going viral right now on social media
  112. and the news."
  113. Now, it looks like they submitted this
  114. to James just yesterday
  115. by the date on it.
  116. Now, I personally don't know about this.
  117. I mean, I know about him,
  118. but I don't know about the controversies
  119. around the death of John Chau.
  120. Now, I can understand
  121. and I can imagine what they could be,
  122. but as far as the "going viral right now
  123. on social media and the news" -
  124. I don't know anything about that.
  125. I don't know what people are saying,
  126. although like I say, I can imagine.
  127. "We believe God has used him mightily,
  128. right or wrong in some of his decisions -
  129. in the workings of the Kingdom
  130. because of all the fury and concern
  131. and hatred this has stirred up."
  132. So they see this as a good thing.
  133. And what they're wondering about
  134. is whether our ministry and our church
  135. might address this.
  136. So, she goes on to say this:
  137. "There definitely is controversy
  138. regarding his choice to break the law,
  139. and his method of getting
  140. to the Sentinelese people,
  141. but all eyes are on the
    Sentinelese people now
  142. and there is nothing but hatred
  143. for white man and his Christianity
  144. all over the Internet.
  145. Christians are silent on
    many YouTube sites
  146. and they're not using
    this as an opportunity
  147. to share Christ as far as I've observed."
  148. (From her perspective).
  149. "Over all within the church,
  150. there is some confusion.
  151. Yet, we support missionaries
  152. as they break the law of the land
  153. by going to reach unreachable people
  154. with the Gospel every day
  155. to closed countries.
  156. Can you guys encourage the church
  157. through this event
  158. and its surrounding controversies
  159. with a video?
  160. We would love to hear
    Pastor Tim's and your thoughts
  161. and heart on this.
  162. The Lord bless you all.
  163. David and Tricia Hudson, Welches, Oregon."
  164. Now this is an island actually

  165. that is in the Andaman chain,
  166. and I think if I've got my geography right
  167. it's about 700 miles from mainland India.
  168. So it's way out there.
  169. It's like a long way away from India
  170. for it to actually be under India's
  171. sovereign domain.
  172. And our brother actually made a trip
  173. to the Andaman's.
  174. Some of you may remember.
  175. And he definitely was interested
  176. in seeing these people evangelized.
  177. So are any of you familiar
  178. with what's happening on social media
  179. that she's talking about?
  180. Anybody seen anything?
  181. Okay, you have?
  182. What have you seen?
  183. (from the room)

  184. He paid a fisherman to shuttle him...
  185. Tim: No, I mean, aside from the facts

  186. of what he actually did,
  187. are you seeing any of the controversy
  188. she's talking about?
  189. (from the room)

  190. Yeah, I've seen people
    making a mockery of him.
  191. I've heard things like (unintelligible)
  192. preach Jesus to these indigenous people,
  193. natives, tribal people.
  194. They kind of make fun of him.
  195. Tim: She's actually talking about

  196. "there's nothing but hatred..."
  197. When you say it like that,
  198. and she's got "nothing" in all caps.
  199. "There is NOTHING but hatred
  200. for white man and his Christianity
  201. all over the Internet."
  202. That makes it sound to me like
  203. she's privy to something.
  204. Now that maybe more in the circles
  205. she's running in.
  206. It may be Facebook people
  207. that she's aware of
  208. and just familiar circles to her.
  209. But that's interesting that
    that perspective is out there.
  210. Let me just ask you all personally.

  211. We're going to get to Scripture on this.
  212. But when you folks -
  213. does anybody not even know
  214. who John Allen Chau is?
  215. So you don't know who he is at all?
  216. Okay, the North Sentinel island
  217. is presumably the least reached portion
  218. on the face of the earth.
  219. It is an island that basically
  220. has been left untouched.
  221. And the Indian government wants it so.
  222. And these guys are probably
  223. much like John G. Paton
  224. would have found in his days.
  225. You know, basically a
    South Pacific island -
  226. yes, this is in the Indian Ocean,
  227. but it's basically, you know,
  228. when the Europeans came along
  229. to Samoa and Tahiti and Vanuatu
  230. which is the New Hebrides islands,
  231. when they came to these islands -
  232. well, even Hawaii -
  233. what you found is they were met by -
  234. oh, the island of Papua as well -
  235. you basically met with very dark skinned,
  236. South Pacific islanders
  237. that looked like they probably
  238. have come from Africa.
  239. Aboriginal type,
  240. some of them very cannibalistic,
  241. very primitive, very dark societies
  242. on these islands.
  243. And you know, back in the 1800's
  244. when the missionaries were being sent
  245. out all over the world,
  246. these islands were definitely targets.
  247. And you can read about the history there.
  248. But North Sentinel island,
  249. there's a line of islands that runs
  250. north to south out there in that bay
  251. between - if you see the map over there,
  252. you've kind of got the
    point that comes down
  253. on India.
  254. And between there and
    what drops down there -
  255. Thailand and Malaysia -
  256. between them,
  257. what is that? The Bay of Bengal?
  258. You've got this Andaman chain.
  259. And then like the Nicobar islands
  260. are also in that chain to the south.
  261. Well, towards the bottom
  262. of the Andabar islands,
  263. you've got this North Sentinel.
  264. And basically what the Indian government
  265. has done is said: nobody can go in there.
  266. You can't touch these people.
  267. And the thing about it is
  268. you can look the North Sentinel island up
  269. on the Internet - YouTube search that -
  270. and you will find that they
    have made documentaries.
  271. (incomplete thought)
  272. A couple fisherman were washed up there
  273. and they came out and
    swiftly killed them both
  274. and they buried them.
  275. Somebody was watching, I guess.
  276. How they knew this was happening,
  277. somebody must have been off shore watching
  278. or helicopters came in or something,
  279. but these two fisherman
    kind of washed up there.
  280. They killed them. They buried them.
  281. Then they dug them back up
  282. and basically propped them up.
  283. They tried to send a crew in there
  284. with somebody to make a documentary.
  285. I forget exactly who the group was
  286. that tried to go in there.
  287. And these guys rushed out of the jungle
  288. with their spears and arrows
  289. and they actually put a spear
  290. through the thigh of one
    of the guys in the boats.
  291. I don't think they ever made it to land.
  292. After the tsunami several years back
  293. that killed so many in Indonesia,
  294. they sent a helicopter
    in there to find out
  295. because that whole island
  296. sits relatively low,
  297. and they were wondering
    if anybody made it.
  298. And when they flew the helicopter in there
  299. they were met with a guy on the beach
  300. trying to shoot the helicopter down
  301. with his bow and arrows.
  302. And so they're hostile.
  303. (incomplete thought)
  304. And what happened was -
  305. this is basically the way
    you're going to get there -
  306. is you find a fisherman
  307. that will take you there.
  308. Obviously you have to pay him.
  309. And they know it's illegal,
  310. so you probably have
    to pay them pretty well.
  311. And he went in there with his kayak.
  312. The fisherman brought him fairly close
  313. and then dropped him in
    the water in his kayak,
  314. and he rode to shore.
  315. The fisherman was close enough
  316. and stayed right there and was observing
  317. to see him go up.
  318. They killed him.
  319. They tied a rope around his neck.
  320. They were dragging his body around.
  321. So now they're talking about
  322. whether they even get the body or not.
  323. That's the thing now
  324. they're trying to figure out.
  325. And so, you know the Indian government
  326. say that this is a treasure,
  327. this is a priceless possession.
  328. You know, we've got
    this untouched society.
  329. They roughly calculate -
  330. they say that the island is roughly
  331. the size of Manhattan.
  332. They figure there's about 150 people.
  333. That's just a guess at best
  334. because it's covered with jungle
  335. and they really can't see.
  336. They said that when the guys
  337. come up in boats
  338. or they come in helicopters or whatever,
  339. the people break out onto the beaches.
  340. They're very crude.
  341. They do really profane things,
  342. and of course, they try to kill you.
  343. That's just their instinctive reaction
  344. to anybody that comes there
  345. is they try to kill you.
  346. And the Indian government,
  347. they have like a two mile buffer zone
  348. is what I understand,
  349. and people are not allowed to go in there.
  350. They claim they've got
    this priceless possession.
  351. They're trying to keep it intact.
  352. They're afraid that if
    anybody goes in there,
  353. they're going to take diseases in there
  354. that the people are not accustomed to
  355. and it's going to wipe them all out.
  356. I think they've actually,
  357. like after the tsunami,
  358. I believe that when they
    flew that helicopter in there,
  359. they were dropping gifts,
  360. but they say gifts don't
    appease these people at all.
  361. They don't care for your gifts.
  362. They will just kill you.
  363. So there's been shipwrecks there.
  364. They said that a ship wrecked there
  365. in a storm a number of years ago
  366. and they were trying to
    attack those people too.
  367. I think they were rescued.
  368. I don't know if by boat or by air.
  369. But they needed to be rescued
  370. because the people were obviously
  371. showing themselves to be very hostile.
  372. So, this guy is a Christian.
  373. He's been thinking about
  374. North Sentinel island for a long time.
  375. It definitely has a reputation.
  376. I've known about it for a number of years.
  377. I think he might have been the one
  378. that first brought it to my attention
  379. about it being unreached,
  380. and he was actually thinking about
  381. is there a way.
  382. So that's to bring you folks up to speed,
  383. those of you that have never heard of him,
  384. that's what's happened.
  385. Now for those of you that do know

  386. about the account,
  387. how did you respond when you heard?
  388. Did you just not care?
  389. Did you think, well, that idiot,
  390. why did he do that?
  391. Those of you that do know...
  392. now did you not know and you did know?
  393. (unintelligible)
  394. Okay.
  395. But what were the thoughts?
  396. Did you have any thoughts
  397. about him doing that?
  398. (from the room)
  399. I thought, wow, praise the Lord,
  400. someone actually went there.
  401. That was my thought.
  402. It reminded me of Jim Elliot
  403. and the other four.
  404. Yeah, I didn't know much about it,
  405. but it made me think wow,
  406. maybe this will stir
    people up in a good way.
  407. Tim: You know the difference

  408. between Jim Elliot and John Allen Chau?
  409. The big difference?
  410. Seventy years.
  411. That's the big difference.
  412. Time makes heroes out of people.
  413. Listen, we look back at Elliot
  414. and we say: Wow!
  415. All the books are written,
  416. the movies are made.
  417. He's a hero.
  418. The five martyrs.
  419. But you know when he was first
  420. looking to go down there,
  421. people were trying to persuade him
  422. not to go down there.
  423. This isn't a good idea.
  424. You're too gifted for this.
  425. You need to stay here.
  426. These guys down there,
  427. they were quite gifted young men.
  428. People were saying don't
    throw your gifts away.
  429. Don't go to these primitive people.
  430. Look, when it's in your day -
  431. it's kind of like the prophet.
  432. He's honored everywhere but where?
  433. Right, his own hometown.
  434. And that's so often,
  435. it's the same kind of principle.
  436. That's more of a geographical,
  437. but the time element is relevant as well.
  438. Because it's kind of like
    if you can remove him
  439. to another century,
  440. then all of a sudden, he's a hero.
  441. But you know if you go back
  442. and you actually look and you read,
  443. when William Carey was thinking about
  444. cutting loose for India -
  445. I heard a brother,
  446. I don't know where he came across this.
  447. I can't remember in my own mind
  448. actually reading this anywhere,
  449. but he read somewhere
  450. where I believe it was
    a Baptist periodical
  451. from William Carey's day
  452. and they basically wrote an article
  453. that said we see no hope of success
  454. in William Carey's venture to India.
  455. That's basically the way
    they summed it up.
  456. Uh huh. Not going to work.
  457. But what was the issue?
  458. The issue was we know William Carey.
  459. I mean, we know the guy.
  460. For us, it's far removed.
  461. We have the books in our library.
  462. You see, for people to
    jump right out and say:
  463. John Chau is a martyr
  464. and put him in the same class,
  465. the same place that we put a Jim Elliot,
  466. people are probably very hesitant
  467. because they're like, well, you know,
  468. was he just foolish?
  469. We see no prospect in any success there.
  470. Didn't he know that if
    he went to those beaches,
  471. they were going to come out and kill him?
  472. I mean, come on, there's
    never been an exception.
  473. Well, was he really a Christian?
  474. Was he a fanatic?
  475. Was it just some adventure gone bad?
  476. Could the guy have been
    climbing Mount Everest last week
  477. and this was just an
    adventurous thing to try to do?
  478. What were they saying about
    William Carey in that day?
  479. What were they saying about
    John G. Paton in his day?
  480. You see, that's the thing.
  481. There's this removal of time.
  482. Listen, I'll tell you this,
  483. we have it on good authority
  484. that every tribe and every language
  485. and every people and every nation
  486. are going to be represented
  487. before the throne.
  488. North Sentinelese people
  489. are going to be there.
  490. Now, when that first convert is saved,
  491. see, by the time that happens,
  492. with that being one of the
    darkest places in the world,
  493. who knows?
  494. I mean, hastening the day of His coming
  495. may be reaching that island.
  496. And when the first converts are made,
  497. somebody will probably look back
  498. at John Chau,
  499. and by then, it may be 75 years removed.
  500. It may be like Jim Elliot,
  501. like us looking back.
  502. Remember when that brave guy,
  503. he went up there,
  504. and they just came right
    out on the beaches?
  505. He no more than laid foot
  506. on the shore of that island.
  507. See today, you've got all your news media
  508. and most of them are liberal.
  509. And even Fox and your more conservative,
  510. are they really pro-Christian?
  511. I mean, maybe they're going
    to give it a better slant.
  512. I don't know what all the news
    agencies are saying about it.
  513. But if these folks are right,
  514. what's happening out there?
  515. The guy's being counted a fool.
  516. He's being counted some zealot?
  517. Some white guy bringing his white religion
  518. and trying to press it upon other people
  519. and probably saying he deserved it.
  520. Serves him right.
  521. Well, I went and dug my copy

  522. of John G. out,
  523. (incomplete thought).
  524. John G. Paton went -
  525. it's called Vanuatu today.
  526. This is a string of islands
  527. off the east coast of Australia.
  528. In that day, they were
    called the New Hebrides.
  529. The Hebrides are actually some islands
  530. up near Scotland
  531. where revival broke out at another time.
  532. These were the New Hebrides islands.
  533. John G. Paton,
  534. a Scottish Presbyterian.
  535. Listen, "When it became known
  536. that I was preparing to go abroad
  537. as a missionary, nearly all
  538. were dead against the proposal."
  539. Okay, Chau.
  540. You think a lot of people were against it?
  541. By the reaction on social media,
  542. what do you think?
  543. I even remember when a brother
  544. was just looking at going to visit
  545. the Andaman islands,
  546. and there were the naysayers.
  547. You shouldn't go. You shouldn't do it.
  548. He's not equipped.
  549. He's going to bungle this thing.
  550. (incomplete thought)
  551. And you do wonder.
  552. We do want to have some sense,
  553. well, okay, is this God's will?
  554. We don't want to be foolish.
  555. We don't want to be
    presumptuous at this point.
  556. But you know, there's always somebody
  557. that's going to believe
    you're being presumptuous.
  558. There's always somebody
    that's the naysayer.
  559. I guarantee you, Jim Elliot heard it.
  560. I guarantee you that
    William Carey heard it.
  561. I guarantee you John G. Paton heard it.
  562. I guarantee you Hudson Taylor -
  563. all you've got to do
    is read the biographies.
  564. In their day, when they weren't
  565. the largely acclaimed,
  566. centuries old missionary
  567. who's books are on our shelf,
  568. when it's not that,
  569. when it's the guy that you know,
  570. then people look at him as the prophet
  571. as he's not with honor
  572. right there in his own hometown,
  573. in his own home church,
  574. and among his own generation
  575. where the people know him,
    they can look at him,
  576. and they recognize,
    well, he's a guy with flaws.
  577. See, we look back now and we say,
  578. well, of course it was God's will
  579. for Hudson Taylor to go to China.
  580. But you see, in his day when he was going,
  581. when he first got on that ship
  582. and was sailing over there,
  583. there weren't big crowds
    out there on the shore.
  584. He was kind of going off as a nobody.
  585. He was going off quietly.
  586. It's much the same
    way with all these guys.
  587. It's like, well, we don't
    give much prospect
  588. of any success for
    this missionary endeavor.
  589. "When it became known I was preparing
  590. to go abroad as a missionary,
  591. nearly all were dead
    against the proposal."
  592. He said, "...Except Dr. Bates
    and my fellow student.
  593. My dear father and mother, however,
  594. when I consulted them
    characteristically replied
  595. that they had long since
    given me away to the Lord
  596. and in this matter also would
    leave me to God's disposal.
  597. From other quarters, we were besieged
  598. with the strongest
    opposition on all sides."
  599. And here's the thing,
  600. if he would have gone straight over there
  601. and died setting his foot on that beach,
  602. well, then they would have said:
  603. see, this thing was ill-advised
    from the beginning.
  604. See, it's one thing if Chau goes there
  605. and he gets huddled into one of their huts
  606. and he actually survives,
  607. and everybody looks at this like
  608. it's a miracle of God!
  609. He got there and they didn't kill him!
  610. I mean, they kept him.
  611. And he actually got off the island,
  612. then everybody says it's a miracle.
  613. God must have been in it.
  614. But you see, when he died,
  615. and he died so quickly,
  616. then it's like, well, you know,
  617. it's just like the two fishermen.
  618. It could have been anybody.
  619. James: You know, he did make a trip there,

  620. and survived, and then
    came back the next day.
  621. (from the room)
  622. Yeah, his Bible got shot by
    an arrow the first day, right?
  623. Tim: He said,

  624. "I replied that my mind
    was finally resolved
  625. that though I loved my work and my people,
  626. yet I felt that I could leave them
  627. to the care of Jesus
  628. who would soon provide them
  629. a better pastor than I,
  630. and that with regard to
    my life amongst the cannibals,
  631. as I had only once to die,
  632. I was content to leave the time
  633. and place and means in the hands of God."
  634. So, I mean, he went there.
  635. Who's to say that this Chau
  636. was not of the exact same mindset?
  637. Trusting the Lord.
  638. Let's just ask this question:

  639. The two times in the book of Acts
  640. that we love to go to
  641. (incomplete thought).
  642. We use these two texts in Acts
  643. when we talk about any time
  644. it's appropriate to violate authority,
  645. to go against authority in our lives;
  646. when submission to Christ
  647. trumps whatever lesser authority.
  648. We go to two texts very commonly
  649. in Acts 4 and Acts 5.
  650. Now, we will go to those two
  651. when we're talking about
  652. when it may be appropriate to obey Christ
  653. even when we have to disobey
  654. government authority.
  655. But if we're all honest,
  656. look at the two texts
    that I'm talking about.
  657. Although they definitely
    have a broader application.
  658. Acts 4.
  659. The very specific situation
  660. that we're confronted with
  661. has to do with evangelism.
  662. It has to do with taking
    the Gospel to the nations.
  663. It accords with the Great Commission.
  664. What do we find?
  665. We find that in Acts 4
  666. we know that Peter and John get hauled in
  667. before the council.
  668. And when they did,
  669. you remember the situation.
  670. That lame man was healed
  671. at Beautiful Gate and it caused a stir.
  672. And they were in there
    preaching the Gospel.
  673. These guys get hauled in.
  674. They're before the Sanhedrin.
  675. In verse 16, these guys
    are beside themselves.
  676. They told the disciples to leave
  677. so that they could
    confer with one another.
  678. Verse 16, "What shall
    we do with these men?
  679. For that a notable sign has been performed
  680. through them is evident
  681. to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  682. We cannot deny it.
  683. But in order that it may spread no further
  684. among the people, let us warn them
  685. to speak no more to anyone in this name.
  686. So they called them, charged them
  687. not to speak or teach at all
  688. in the name of Jesus."
  689. And here's the classic text.
  690. "Peter and John answered them,
  691. 'Whether it's right in the sight of God
  692. to listen to you rather than
    to God, you must judge.
  693. For we cannot but speak
  694. of what we have seen and heard.'"
  695. And then you have a similar passage
  696. over in chapter 5:29.
  697. Again, the apostles were arrested.
  698. They were brought before the officials.
  699. You remember what happened.
  700. They supernaturally were
    not in prison anymore.
  701. Showed up in the temple.
  702. They were teaching.
  703. Verse 26, "The captain and the officers
  704. went and brought them, not by force,
  705. for they were afraid of
    being stoned by the people.
  706. When they had brought them,
  707. they set them before the council
  708. and the high priests questioned them,
  709. saying, 'We strictly charged you
  710. not to teach in this name.
  711. Here you have filled
    Jerusalem with your teaching.
  712. You intend to bring this
    man's blood upon us.'
  713. Peter and the apostles answered,
  714. 'We must obey God rather than men.'"
  715. And so, listen, did Jesus
    give us a commandment
  716. to take the Gospel to all the nations?
  717. Can anybody tell me
    how it's worded in Mark 15?
  718. (from the room)
    Preach the Gospel to every creature.
  719. Preach the Gospel to every creature.
  720. And you know what?
  721. That was one of the passages
  722. that gripped John G. Paton.
  723. And you know the story.
  724. He said concerning
    this opposing influence,
  725. he said, "They proved to
    be a heavy trial to me."
  726. All the opposition that he was facing.
  727. But he said with all the opposition,
  728. "they tended to confirm my determination
  729. that the path of duty was to go abroad.
  730. Amongst many who sought to deter me
  731. was one dear old Christian gentlemen..."
  732. You've heard this -
  733. "...Who's crowning argument always was:
  734. 'The cannibals!
  735. You'll be eaten by the cannibals!'
  736. At last I replied, 'Mr. Dixon,
  737. you're advanced in years now
  738. and your own prospect is soon to be
  739. laid in the grave,
  740. there to be eaten by worms.
  741. I confess to you that if
    I can but live and die
  742. serving and honoring the Lord Jesus,
  743. it will make no difference to me
  744. whether I'm eaten by
    cannibals or by worms.
  745. And in the Great Day,
  746. my resurrection body will
    arise as fair as yours
  747. in the likeness of our risen Redeemer.'"
  748. (incomplete thought)
  749. These are the people in his own church.
  750. These are the Christians closest to him.
  751. "My dear Green Street
    people grieved excessively
  752. at the thought of my leaving them
  753. and daily plead with me to remain.
  754. Indeed, the opposition was so strong
  755. from nearly all and many of them
  756. warm, Christian friends
  757. that I was sorely tempted to question
  758. whether I was carrying out the divine will
  759. or only some headstrong wish of my own."
  760. You see, that's going
    to be the accusation.
  761. Headstrong wish. It was just an adventure.
  762. He launched out there.
  763. By what authority did he do this?
  764. What missionary society sent him?
  765. See, that's always the questions.
  766. There's got to be some authority.
  767. Well, he's got to be sent
    by the right people.
  768. Or he's got to be sent
    by the right church.
  769. What right did he have to go over there?
  770. What right did he have to do this?
  771. Throw his life away like that?
  772. He said, "This also caused
    me much anxiety,
  773. drove me close to God in prayer."
  774. See, we don't know how
    much he prayed about this.
  775. He said, "Conscience said louder
  776. and clearer every day:
  777. leave all these results
    with Jesus, your Lord,
  778. who said, 'Go ye into all the world;
  779. preach the Gospel to every creature,
  780. and lo, I am with you alway.'
  781. These words kept ringing in my ears.
  782. These were our marching orders."
  783. Who is going to say
  784. it's not the marching orders of Christians
  785. to take the Gospel to
    North Sentinel island?
  786. It is our marching order
  787. from the risen Christ to take the Gospel
  788. into every nation and
    preach it to every creature.
  789. That does not exclude
    North Sentinel island.
  790. And here is a man who
    put his life on the altar.
  791. He was willing to lay his
    life down to go do it.
  792. And are we going to rise up and say
  793. well, he was wrong?
  794. "Some retorted to him,
  795. 'There are heathen at home.
  796. Let us seek and save first of all
  797. the lost ones perishing at our doors.'
  798. This I felt to be most true
  799. and an appalling fact,
  800. but I unfailingly observed
  801. that those who made this retort
  802. neglected these home heathen themselves.
  803. And so the objection has from them
  804. lost all its power.
  805. They would ungrudgingly spend more
  806. on a fashionable party at dinner or tea,
  807. on a concert or ball or theatre,
  808. or on some ostentatious display
  809. or worldly and selfish indulgence
  810. ten times more perhaps in a single day
  811. than they would give in a year
  812. or in half of a lifetime
  813. for the conversion of the
    whole heathen world
  814. either at home or abroad.
  815. Objections from such people
  816. must of course always count for nothing
  817. among men of whom
    spiritual things are realities.
  818. For these people themselves
  819. I do and always did only pity them
  820. as God's stewards making such a miserable
  821. use of time and money
  822. entrusted to their care."
  823. So, listen.

  824. Let me tell you something
  825. that you may not know.
  826. John G. Paton -
  827. he went to these islands
  828. and they didn't kill him.
  829. But they thought to and they schemed to.
  830. But I want to tell you
    something about his going
  831. back in the 1800's -
  832. a hundred and sixty, seventy years ago.
  833. In his autobiography, he says this:
  834. "A glance backwards over the story
  835. of the Gospel in the New Hebrides
  836. may help to bring my readers into touch
  837. with the events that are to follow.
  838. The ever famous names
    of Williams and Harris
  839. are associated with the earliest efforts
  840. to introduce Christianity
    among the group of islands
  841. in the South Pacific Seas.
  842. John Williams and his young
    missionary companion Harris,
  843. under the auspices of the
    London Missionary Society
  844. landed on Erromango
  845. the 30th of November, 1839.
  846. Alas, within a few minutes
    of their touching land,
  847. both were clubbed to death
  848. and the savages proceeded to cook
  849. and feast upon their bodies."
  850. You remember those two names.
  851. Williams and Harris.
  852. They set foot on Erromango
  853. and they were dead and eaten like that.
  854. See, it's all perspective.
  855. Listen to Paton's assessment of this:
  856. "Thus were the New Hebrides baptized
  857. with the blood of martyrs,
  858. and Christ thereby told
    the whole Christian world
  859. that He claimed these
    islands as His own.
  860. His cross must yet be lifted up
  861. where the blood of His saints
  862. has been poured forth in His name.
  863. The poor heathen knew not
  864. that they had slain their best friends,
  865. but tears and prayers ascended for them
  866. from all Christian souls
  867. wherever the story of the
    martyrdom on Erromango
  868. was read or heard."
  869. And you know what's interesting?
  870. I just happened about
    two or three years ago,
  871. I just happened to find -
  872. I don't even remember how I found it -
  873. I happened to find a news reel
  874. that the 170th anniversary
  875. of the killing of these two guys
  876. was being celebrated
    in Vanuatu, Erromango.
  877. And you know what was amazing?
  878. The descendants of Williams and Harris
  879. came to Erromango to meet
  880. the descendants of the people
  881. who killed and ate their ancestors.
  882. These British descendants
    of Williams and Harris
  883. didn't even seem like they
    were genuine Christians -
  884. probably very formal, religious, but cold,
  885. and I doubt they were Christians.
  886. These Erromangons came out -
  887. they were so full of joy.
  888. It's like, wow, 170 years later
  889. and the descendants of these people
  890. are probably just atheists
  891. or stale, dead religionists,
  892. and the Erromangons seem like
  893. they were just full of the joy of the Lord
  894. is what it seemed like.
  895. You could probably find that somewhere.
  896. Listen, if we've got the right perspective
  897. and Christ put something in this guy
  898. and he was willing to lay down his life
  899. that Christ be proclaimed
    to every creature;
  900. he felt it his responsibility -
  901. and if you hear the stories,
  902. it was burning inside of
    him for some time.
  903. Like he's been talking
    about this for years.
  904. Then can we not say the same thing?
  905. I mean, Sunday, I actually heard
  906. it being strategized in our own church
  907. how somebody in our own church
  908. could now reach it.
  909. (incomplete thought)
  910. You know, the text that comes to my mind
  911. is the one that I know
    James dealt with in Philippians,
  912. that some preach the Gospel
  913. for the right reasons;
  914. some out of envy and jealousy
  915. were preaching the Gospel -
  916. no, actually right before that
  917. he's talking about his suffering,
  918. and he's talking about
    how it made people bold -
  919. even though he's suffering,
  920. it's making other people bolder
  921. to proclaim the Gospel.
  922. Then he goes on to say
  923. some do it for the right reasons,
  924. and some for not the right reasons.
  925. But I think that that's
    what's going to happen here.
  926. I think that what this is going to do -
  927. look, if we've got people
    strategizing in our church -
  928. people who you would not think
  929. would be thinking about going
  930. to Mexico, let alone
  931. going to North Sentinel island,
  932. they're there strategizing.
  933. It just made me think,
  934. you know what, that's happening
  935. all over the world among
    God's people right now.
  936. And what this is going to do
  937. is undoubtedly, if this was
  938. one of God's people,
  939. and that blood was spilled there,
  940. believe me, it won't be in vain -
  941. any more in vain than Williams and Harris,
  942. because somebody's got to
    put their foot on the shore.
  943. Somebody's got to be the
    first one to do it.
  944. Look, how do people get saved?
  945. I mean, we recognize,
  946. we recognize the truths of Romans 10.
  947. We recognize that they
    are not going to call
  948. upon a Lord, a Christ,
    that they don't believe in.
  949. And they're not going to believe
  950. unless they hear.
  951. And listen, they're not going to hear
  952. unless somebody is preaching.
  953. And not anybody is going to
    set a foot on there to preach
  954. unless they're sent.
  955. And whether they're sent by the Spirit
  956. without any other kind
    of missionary enterprise
  957. or missionary association,
  958. but somebody's got to go.
  959. (incomplete thought)
  960. People are thinking:
  961. Well, maybe we could communicate with them
  962. in a pictorial fashion.
  963. Listen, here's the
    thing that is a reality:
  964. From the time that somebody lands -
  965. look, you can only
    go so far with pictures.
  966. You've got to learn their language.
  967. And you know what happens
  968. during the time you're
    learning the language?
  969. Things often don't go well.
  970. "May 1861"

  971. Let me tell you something about Erromango.
  972. Others came afterwards.
  973. Now, John G. Paton didn't go to Erromango.
  974. He went to Tana at first.
  975. He went somewhere else later.
  976. But the Gordons - this is May, 1861.
  977. Remember, Harris and Williams died in '39.
  978. So we're talking 22 years later.
  979. "May 1861 brought with it
  980. a sorrowful and tragic event
  981. which fell as the very shadow
    of doom crossed our path."
  982. Because even the people that came later,
  983. they were able to set
    their foot on the shore.
  984. They weren't immediately
    clubbed and eaten.
  985. But in the time it takes
    to learn the language
  986. to where you're going to
    try to impart that language
  987. and communicate the Gospel to the people,
  988. that takes some time.
  989. And even when you're trying to communicate
  990. the Gospel to the people,
  991. you've got to understand,
  992. these people have been in darkness.
  993. They're demonically controlled.
  994. There are witch doctors.
  995. There are forces at work.
  996. The Reverend G. N. Gordon
  997. and his wife.
  998. They "went to Erromango on 20th May, 1861.
  999. He was working at the roofing
  1000. of the printing office,
  1001. and had sent his lads to bring each
  1002. a load of long grass to
    finish the roof thatching.
  1003. Meantime, a party of Erromangons
  1004. from a district called Bunk Hill
  1005. under a chief names Lovou
  1006. had been watching him.
  1007. They'd been to the
    mission house inquiring.
  1008. They'd seen him send
    away his Christian lads
  1009. so they found him alone.
  1010. They then hid in the bush,
  1011. sent two of their men to the missionary
  1012. to ask for calico.
  1013. On a piece of wood, he wrote a note
  1014. to Mrs. Gordon to give
    them two yards each.
  1015. They asked him to go with them
  1016. to the mission house
  1017. as they needed medicine for a sick boy,
  1018. and Lovou their chief wanted to see him.
  1019. He tied up in a napkin a meal of food
  1020. which had been brought
    to him, but not eaten,
  1021. and started to go with them.
  1022. He requested the native Narvalette
  1023. to go on before with his companion,
  1024. but they insisted upon his going in front.
  1025. In crossing a streamlet,
  1026. which I visited shortly afterwards,
  1027. his foot slipped.
  1028. A blow was aimed at him with a tomahawk
  1029. which he caught.
  1030. The other man struck, but his weapon
  1031. was also caught.
  1032. One of the tomahawks was then wrenched
  1033. out of his grasp.
  1034. The next moment, a blow on the spine
  1035. laid the dear missionary low.
  1036. A second blow on the neck
  1037. almost severed the head from the body.
  1038. The other natives then
    rushed from their ambush,
  1039. began dancing around him
  1040. with frantic shoutings.
  1041. Mrs. Gordon, hearing the noise,
  1042. came out and stood in
    front of the mission house
  1043. looking at the direction of
    her husband's working place
  1044. wondering what was happening.
  1045. Oben, one of the party,
  1046. who had run towards the station
  1047. the moment that Mr. Gordon fell,
  1048. now approached her.
  1049. A merciful clump of trees
    had hid from her eyes
  1050. all that had occurred.
  1051. And she said to Oben,
  1052. 'What's the cause of that noise?'
  1053. He replied, 'Oh, nothing,
  1054. only the boys amusing themselves.'
  1055. Saying, 'Where are the boys?'
  1056. she turned around,
  1057. Oben slipped stealthily behind her,
  1058. sank his tomahawk into her back,
  1059. and with another blow
    almost severed her head.
  1060. Such was the fate of these two
  1061. devoted servants of the Lord,
  1062. loving in their lives
  1063. and in their deaths not divided,
  1064. their spirits wearing
    the crowns of martyrdom,
  1065. entered glory together to be welcomed
  1066. by Williams and Harris
  1067. whose blood was shed near the same
  1068. now hallowed spot
  1069. for the name and cause of Jesus.
  1070. They had labored four years on Erromango
  1071. amidst trials and dangers manifold,
  1072. and had not been without
    tokens of blessing
  1073. in the Lord's work.
  1074. Never more earnest or devoted missionaries
  1075. lived and died in the heathen field.
  1076. Other accounts indeed have been published
  1077. and another was reported to me
  1078. by Mr. Gordon's Christian lads."
  1079. And he writes this:
  1080. "Some severe criticisms, of course,
  1081. were written and published
  1082. by those angelic creatures
  1083. who judge all things
  1084. from their own safe and easy distance."
  1085. It was the same in that day.
  1086. You've got all sorts of people
  1087. from a long way away.
  1088. They're the armchair quarterback,
  1089. and they're going to find fault.
  1090. And see, it's just like he said.
  1091. Well, why don't you stay at home?
  1092. You know, there's needs here.
  1093. The people that say that,
  1094. they're not reaching out to
    the people who have needs here.
  1095. People can talk.
  1096. People are full of lots of talk.
  1097. The truth is that it sounds like
  1098. some of the people -
  1099. they're just bent out of shape.
  1100. It's a white man
  1101. and he's bringing the
    white man's religion.
  1102. White man and his Christianity
  1103. it sounds like.
  1104. Listen, this started among the Jews -
  1105. not white men.
  1106. It started in the Middle East.
  1107. And the thing about the Gospel
  1108. is it's not a tribal religion.
  1109. It's not just a white man's religion.
  1110. Paul is very careful to
    trace the real problem
  1111. all the way back to Adam.
  1112. Our problem is not a white problem,
  1113. a black problem, a red problem,
  1114. a yellow problem.
  1115. It's a problem that's traced
  1116. all the way back to the fact
  1117. that we are offspring of Adam's.
  1118. There's no distinction.
  1119. All have sinned and come short
  1120. of the glory of God.
  1121. You've got the Indian government.
  1122. Well, we need to leave them alone.
  1123. You don't want to introduce
  1124. all these diseases to them.
  1125. It will wipe them out.
  1126. You know what's wiping them out?
  1127. Sin is wiping them out.
  1128. Years ago, we had back before the DVD age,

  1129. we had a number of videos.
  1130. I think we bought
    everything that we could buy
  1131. from New Tribes Missions.
  1132. And I'll never forget,
  1133. there was one that I believe
  1134. was specifically about an
    island in Indonesia.
  1135. And of course, you know
    the New Tribes approach.
  1136. They walk the people all the way
  1137. through the Scriptures
    from the Old Testament
  1138. all the way.
  1139. They build and build and build
  1140. and they come to the cross.
  1141. And this village -
  1142. they actually have footage -
  1143. when they preached the cross
  1144. and that this was God's answer for sin,
  1145. like the vast majority
    of this remote village
  1146. embraced Christ spontaneously.
  1147. They were so full of joy.
  1148. They jumped up and down,
  1149. hugging each other en masse.
  1150. They did this for hours!
  1151. But then you know what the missionary said
  1152. and what he observed?
  1153. He said the people would go
  1154. from rejoicing to uncontrolled wailing,
  1155. back to rejoicing,
  1156. back to wailing.
  1157. Do you know why they wailed?
  1158. With the understanding of the Gospel
  1159. and their own receiving of it
  1160. and their own salvation,
  1161. they would suddenly be overcome
  1162. with the reality that all who had
    gone before them perished.
  1163. And you know what,
    often these missionaries
  1164. were asked by the new converts:
  1165. why didn't you come before now?
  1166. Sometimes they would ask questions like -
  1167. you know the cogs would start moving -
  1168. how long have you had Christianity
  1169. where you're from?
  1170. Oh, for centuries!
  1171. You know, it almost makes
    the missionary feel guilty
  1172. because then the people
    would look at him like:
  1173. and you're only coming now?
  1174. You know what's true
  1175. about these people on
    North Sentinel island?
  1176. 100% of them are perishing.
  1177. They're dying.
  1178. Every single one of them is perishing.
  1179. Perishing.
  1180. So what does it take?
  1181. Well, we need families like the Gordons
  1182. who pour four years of their life in
  1183. and then about have their heads taken off.
  1184. But before that, you've got to have
  1185. the Williams' and the Harris'
  1186. that are just willing to put their foot
  1187. on the beach.
  1188. We need John Allen Chau's.
  1189. And you know what,
    his name will just be lost.
  1190. Very likely.
  1191. Very likely, there's not going
    to be a book like this.
  1192. Well, there's not a book like this
  1193. about Williams and Harris.
  1194. Why?
  1195. Because how many pages do you need?
  1196. They landed on the beach.
  1197. They were clubbed. They were eaten.
  1198. I mean, you could say that different ways
  1199. and maybe fill a chapter
  1200. if you go back and talk
    about some of their early lives.
  1201. What I find is that Williams
  1202. actually labored on other islands before,
  1203. so there is more about him.
  1204. Harris - he was a young man
  1205. probably like Chau,
  1206. and you can't find hardly
    anything about him.
  1207. Who was he? I don't know.
  1208. Just somebody that put his foot down there
  1209. and is gone.
  1210. So, you know, what he was willing to do -
  1211. he said he didn't want to die.
  1212. He didn't have a death wish.
  1213. But he was willing to risk his life
  1214. to be good to the Great Commission.
  1215. We don't know all of his motives,
  1216. but what he says is that
  1217. he desired to take the Gospel
  1218. to these people.
  1219. Does somebody else have a better plan?
  1220. Or do we just say,
  1221. well, it's illegal, and so
    we shouldn't go there?
  1222. That wasn't the attitude
    of the early disciples.
  1223. They said you be judge.
  1224. Should we obey you? Or should be obey God?
  1225. Has God told us to go?
  1226. Because these people
    that wrote this are right.
  1227. When it comes to closed countries,
  1228. we don't say that because
    some human government
  1229. says we can't enter that country
  1230. with the Gospel,
  1231. we don't take that as:
  1232. okay, therefore we can't.
  1233. In fact, that idea of closed country -
  1234. that's a man-made term.
  1235. The Bible never talks
    about closed countries.
  1236. Jesus said go.
  1237. He never said:
  1238. Go only to the "open" countries.
  1239. No.
  1240. Every tribe.
  1241. Every tongue.
  1242. Every people.
  1243. Every nation.
  1244. Every creature.
  1245. Take the Gospel to them all.
  1246. Somebody's got to go.
  1247. Somebody's got to go.
  1248. The promise of God's Word
  1249. is there will be North Sentinelese
  1250. there at the throne.
  1251. There will be converts.
  1252. The Gospel will reach them.
  1253. Despite all the Hindu Indian government;
  1254. despite man's laws,
  1255. somebody's got to say: Yes, Lord.
  1256. Somebody's got to hear
    that, just like John G.
  1257. heard this when it came to going
  1258. to the New Hebrides islands.
  1259. Cannibals, cannibals!
    You'll be eaten by the cannibals!
  1260. North Sentinelese! North Sentinelese!
  1261. You'll be shot by their arrows!
  1262. Well, maybe.
  1263. But you know a hundred years from now,
  1264. will it really matter
  1265. that you lived a little bit
    longer than Chau?
  1266. And you know, sometimes,
  1267. it's like it's been said -
  1268. nobody knows about Jim Elliot's brother
  1269. who labored on the mission field
  1270. till he was well into his 80's.
  1271. Anybody ever heard about him?
  1272. The thing is he didn't go down in glory.
  1273. He plugged away
  1274. decade after decade after decade
  1275. laboring pretty much unknown.
  1276. The unknown brother of Jim Elliot.
  1277. And yet, he gave his whole
    life on the mission field.
  1278. You know, the reality is
  1279. sometimes martyrdom is the easy path.
  1280. They laid it all on the altar.
  1281. You know, there is a parable
  1282. that talks about finding a treasure
  1283. and selling everything.
  1284. And who's going to say
  1285. that this guy didn't sell everything?
  1286. I mean, are we going
    to find fault with him?
  1287. He gave. He gave all that he could.
  1288. As I was out today,
    I was thinking about Mary.
  1289. Do you remember they found fault with her?
  1290. This isn't just something
    in John G. Paton's day.
  1291. This is something that
    goes all the way back.
  1292. Go all the way back to Mary.
  1293. Remember, she comes out
  1294. and she's doing what?
  1295. She's doing what she can.
  1296. And Jesus said that:
  1297. she's doing what she can.
  1298. He did what he could.
  1299. I mean, he gave what he had.
  1300. You don't have more to
    give Christ than your life.
  1301. He laid it all on the altar.
  1302. I'm not finding fault with that.
  1303. In fact, something in me jumps,
  1304. like okay, this is setting
    something in motion
  1305. in the spiritual realm.
  1306. And I have a feeling that it's doing that
  1307. in the hearts of Christians
  1308. all over the world.
  1309. Now, I can imagine the Indian government
  1310. is going to crack down,
    at least for a while.
  1311. They'll double their coast guard
  1312. two mile perimeter or whatever.
  1313. But then they'll get lax again
  1314. when this thing blows over,
  1315. but I have a feeling
    Christians are strategizing,
  1316. people are thinking.
  1317. We shouldn't count it a strange thing.
  1318. This isn't some white man's thing.
  1319. This is Christ's agenda
  1320. to evangelize the world.
  1321. We shouldn't count it a strange thing -
  1322. look, that island,
  1323. it cannot escape prophecy.
  1324. It cannot escape the fact
  1325. that the bull's eye is on it.
  1326. You can't be the least reached place
  1327. on the face of the earth
    and remain that way.
  1328. Because Jesus Christ who said
  1329. all authority is given unto Me
  1330. is the Christ behind that missionary call.
  1331. Be sure of this:
  1332. He sits on the throne.
  1333. He is high. He is exalted.
  1334. He is lifted up. He has all authority.
  1335. He's in charge. He stirs His people.
  1336. Those people are -
  1337. it's just a matter of time.
  1338. I mean, it's like the Gospel train
  1339. is thundering down the tracks,
  1340. and it's coming for that island.
  1341. It may be this year. It may be next year.
  1342. It may be six years.
  1343. It may be sixty years, but it's coming.
  1344. Whatever demons are there,
  1345. they know.
  1346. They know the Scripture.
  1347. And we can shout it out.
  1348. Every tribe and every tongue!
  1349. And that includes that island.
  1350. The Gospel's coming there.
  1351. Some of God's people are
    going to take it there.
  1352. The next people might
    be like the Gordon's.
  1353. They might make it a little ways
  1354. before they die.
  1355. And it might keep going like that.
  1356. In fact, if you read this book,
  1357. do you know how much death is in here?
  1358. The fact that John G. Paton lived
  1359. is a miracle in the midst of all of this,
  1360. and they tried to take him out,
  1361. and God supernaturally preserved him,
  1362. but a lot of the people died.
  1363. A lot of the people died.
  1364. But you know what?
  1365. After that martyr's blood was spilled,
  1366. eventually some of these islands -
  1367. the second island he went to,
  1368. and the name is escaping me right off -
  1369. but the second island he went to
  1370. was almost entirely converted.
  1371. This is no easy believism preaching.
  1372. We're talking a Scotch-Presbyterian
  1373. Calvinist, believed in real,
  1374. legitimate being born again,
  1375. and in his estimation,
  1376. almost the entire island was converted.
  1377. That Gospel's coming for that island.
  1378. There's no escape.
  1379. And if this is the time
  1380. and martyr's blood has been spilled,
  1381. watch out.
  1382. Whatever dark forces you
    are that are there
  1383. and inhabiting those people,
  1384. keeping those people in fear,
  1385. keeping those people in bondage,
  1386. your days are numbered.
  1387. And God may be working in
    the hearts of some right now
  1388. that will be the next ones to go there.
  1389. I have a feeling that's the case.
  1390. (from the room)

  1391. You brought up at the beginning
  1392. the issue of to obey the law or not.
  1393. You brought up the response
  1394. of the one who's actually breaking the law
  1395. in Acts 4 and 5.
  1396. What stood out to me was the posture
  1397. that the church took.
  1398. And if you consider what
    they're actually praying
  1399. when they come together, they said,
  1400. "Grant Your servants to continue
  1401. to speak Your Word with all boldness."
  1402. You could even say the church
  1403. after that happened, the church prayed:
  1404. allow them to continue what
    they law just said not to
  1405. because we're convinced
    that's what You want.
  1406. So I kind of take that like:
  1407. if you're not going to go,
  1408. I don't think Christians
    should be on the fence
  1409. as far as what they should side with.
  1410. If it's the Lord's command,
  1411. we ought to be praying for God
  1412. to lift up more people to oppose such laws
  1413. and send them out there.
  1414. Tim: That's how we're going to end

  1415. with Bobby praying that the church
  1416. would have boldness.
  1417. Because they needed it then.
  1418. Listen, it's a reality.
  1419. When you're standing
    against the government
  1420. and they're threatening
    you with the sword,
  1421. they're threatening
    you with imprisonment -
  1422. which they threw them in prison -
  1423. when they're threatening you -
  1424. they stoned Paul -
  1425. people died.
  1426. Jesus never said we wouldn't.
  1427. That's what we need. We need boldness.
  1428. But isn't it interesting?
  1429. This is what I was mentioning before.
  1430. Throw Paul in prison and what did it do?
  1431. It emboldened God's people.
  1432. You might think:
  1433. Well, hey, they throw
    the top dog into jail,
  1434. you'd think kind of like Jesus,
  1435. you know when they arrested Him,
  1436. all the disciples went scattering.
  1437. Yeah, but that was before the Spirit -
  1438. this missionary Spirit was
    poured upon the church.
  1439. When that happened,
  1440. it did just the opposite.
  1441. What?
  1442. Throw Paul in prison,
  1443. and now it encourages the people of God
  1444. to break forth with boldness and preach.
  1445. I mean, I'm telling you,
  1446. Sunday, we've got people in the church,
  1447. and I'm not kidding you.
  1448. I don't think you'd get
    them to go to Mexico,
  1449. and I went outside between services,
  1450. and he starts talking to me
  1451. and strategizing about how
  1452. not just somebody from our church
  1453. could take the Gospel to North Sentinel,
  1454. how he could!
  1455. I thought...
  1456. that's good.
  1457. That's good.
  1458. And it made me think
  1459. there's a lot of Christian
    people out there
  1460. who are thinking like him.
  1461. Well, go ahead and pray, brother.
  1462. Boldness.
  1463. Bobby: Father, we thank You

  1464. for allowing us to even know
  1465. of such a plan that took place
  1466. that gives us reason to rejoice
  1467. in what You've done
  1468. when You sent Your Son
  1469. as the propitiation for our sins,
  1470. and not only for ours,
  1471. but for Your elect people
  1472. that You've told us in Your Word
  1473. are in the world now.
  1474. We just pray that You
    would blow on Your people,
  1475. that Your Spirit would light a fire
  1476. that can't be extinguished.
  1477. And Lord, that the history that we see,
  1478. it wouldn't just be something
    that we read about,
  1479. but it would take place
    in the here and now.
  1480. As my brother said,
  1481. we don't know when You
    would have it to take place,
  1482. but whoever Your chosen vessels are
  1483. that are fit for Your use -
  1484. even fit to have their blood
    spilt so quickly, Father,
  1485. I just ask that You would call them,
  1486. equip them,
  1487. and blow Your Spirit on
    them to do Your will
  1488. that the Lamb would truly receive
    the reward of His suffering
  1489. and that Christ would be exalted.
  1490. And may Christ be exalted in our hearts
  1491. more as we speak about His Kingdom
  1492. advancing into this world.
  1493. I pray that His Kingdom would be
  1494. advancing even in our own lives.
  1495. In His name we ask, Amen.