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Forty years ago, Juan Amigo was sent to Andorra to work as a colporteur and to plant the first Adventist congregation in the nation. Today, this congregation places a special focus on the kids!

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  1. I have 8 sons who would soon
    have to enlist in the army
  2. and face serious Sabbath challenges.
  3. To protect my sons, I moved here
    as a literature evangelist.
  4. Forty years ago,
  5. Juan Amigo was sent to Andorra
    to work as a colporter
  6. and to plant the first Adventist
    congregation in the nation.
  7. Andorra is a speck on the map,
    sandwiched between France and Spain.
  8. It lies in the valleys
    of a mountainous region
  9. where millions of tourists come
    for exciting sports activities every year.
  10. This country was one
    of the last unentered territories
  11. of the Inter-European Division.
  12. At that time, Juan and his family
    were the only Adventists in the country.
  13. Today, five of his sons remain in Andorra
    and have leadership roles
  14. in the only Adventist congregation there.
  15. Our church is a bit different
    than other countries.
  16. Actually, in Andorra
    there is no church registration.
  17. We cannot exist as a church,
  18. so we created ourselves as an association,
  19. this is the way
    we can operate in this country.
  20. We are a small group.
  21. We have 25 members,
    of whom 14 are children.
  22. For several years,
  23. we did many evangelistic campaigns
    without many results.
  24. We decided to stop to pray
    until God showed us
  25. where we should focus our efforts.
  26. Now, we are focusing our efforts
    on our children and our children’s friends
  27. and our friends too.
  28. Putting kids first
  29. has reshaped the style
    and flow of this church’s worship.
  30. On Friday evenings,
  31. adult members meet
    at the church for vespers
  32. and study the Sabbath School
    quarterly lesson ahead of schedule.
  33. This allows extra time for the kids
    during regular Sabbath morning activities.
  34. The study is a great way
    to enter the Sabbath day.
  35. In church we are not
    so used to put kids first.
  36. We don’t give them
    a place in front on stage,
  37. for example, many times maybe...
    only once a trimester.
  38. We started focusing
    on activities like Pathfinders…
  39. for our kids,
  40. that's actually, what every church does.
  41. But we also created the space
    Saturday morning for them
  42. where they have a sermon for kids,
    they have some activities for kids
  43. and also for the grownups
    so we can interact them and us
  44. and we can learn from the kids,
    and the kids can learn from us.
  45. This week’s teacher
    presents a message from the Bible.
  46. She brings visual illustrations
    and a kid-friendly sermon
  47. that is also enjoyable for adults.
  48. Afterward, the children break into classes
    to study their quarterly lesson.
  49. Then, the adults enjoy
    a special message in the main hall.
  50. Once a month,
    a delicious potluck is served
  51. with a lot of international
    dishes and flavors.
  52. This is a great opportunity
  53. to grow relationships
    and nourish the body.
  54. The children of this church
    are catered to in a special way.
  55. They are put first because this group
    wants them to take leadership
  56. and ownership of church life.
  57. They are the future of this congregation
    and through them,
  58. friends and parents are invited
    to many fun activities.

  59. Please pray for Adventist children
    around the world
  60. who will lead God’s church
    in the coming days.
  61. And thank you for your support
    of the mission offering,
  62. which helped start this church.