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  1. Now, let's get back to this idea of taking timings.
  2. When we're taking timings we're doing measurements.
  3. Now we've changed what we're doing from having computer science
  4. being a mathematical enterprise to having it be a experimental enterprise--
  5. and experimental science. We're actually doing science.
  6. It's as if we're dealing with the messy world with some chemicals in a beaker,
  7. and we're making measurements of those rather than trying to do mathematical proofs.
  8. One thing we know about doing experimental science
  9. is that one measurement isn't going to be good enough.
  10. That was clear when we got a measurement of 0.0.
  11. We know that wasn't right. We know that there can be errors in measurements.
  12. One way in science that we deal with that is
  13. by repeating the measurements multiple times.
  14. I want you to tell me why you think some reasons are that scientists,
  15. when they do an experiment, take more than one measurement.
  16. Is it because we want to reduce the chance of some external event
  17. effecting the result?
  18. Because we want to reduce the natural random variation?
  19. Or because we want to reduce errors in the measurement process? Check all that apply.