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Application traffic policies and security analytics in Kubernetes - Singapore Kubernetes User Group


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Speaker: Akshay Mathur – Global Technology Advocate for Cloud Business Unit, A10 Networks

In this talk we will study cloud native network load balancing and in particular, how to ensure:

- Application Traffic Policy enforcement for East-West traffic
- Visibility and Analytics for East-West as well as North-South Traffic
- Advanced Application-layer load balancing
- Centralised configuration management for distributed load balancers

About the Speaker

Akshay currently serves as Global Technology Advocate for the Cloud Business Unit at A10 Networks. As part of this role, he works in close collaboration with various customers and partners worldwide on their Containers and Kubernetes adoption initiatives and was also part of the round table discussion on security at KubeCon 2018 in Seattle. Akshay is based in Bangalore where he often presents at DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes and CNCF user group Meetups.

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Michael Cheng