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← I can't do anything for God, what can I do? - Tim Conway

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  1. "I've been a Christian for three years,
  2. and I sometimes feel I can't do anything for God.
  3. I feel like I'm immature and a young Christian.
  4. And it feels like it will take years
  5. before I mature into the standard man of God.
  6. How can I testify to my friends and those around me
  7. when I am still weak and in need of growing?
  8. Sometimes I feel like I'm not mature enough
  9. to do something for Christ.
  10. Sometimes when I fall into sin I feel like
  11. I'm not ready to go to school or to speak to people.
  12. I only feel ready when my mind is focused on Christ
  13. and when I lead a more mature walk.
  14. I don't think this is the Biblical mindset,
  15. but I'm not sure."
  16. I'm just going to end by saying one thing to Ken.
  17. There are a number of things that could be said,
  18. but Ken, I would have you go to Scripture,
  19. and very specifically to Mark 5:15,
  20. maybe even start a little earlier there,
  21. because it's the account of the demoniac,
  22. the man that was full of the legion of demons.
  23. Once that man was delivered
  24. and he was set in his right mind,
  25. you remember he was at times chained
  26. and he would break the chains.
  27. He ran around in the tombs.
  28. He would slash himself.
  29. He would cry out.
  30. People couldn't even go that way.
  31. I mean, he was just fierce,
  32. and we actually understand from Matthew's Gospel
  33. that there were two men.
  34. But, what happened after this man was
  35. set in his right mind,
  36. delivered of all these legion of demons,
  37. the people from that area came to Jesus.
  38. They saw the demon possessed man,
  39. the one who had had the legion
  40. sitting there clothed and in his right mind.
  41. They were afraid.
  42. Those that had seen it described to them
  43. what had happened to the demon possessed man
  44. and to the pigs.
  45. You remember, the legion of demons
  46. went out into the pigs,
  47. and the pigs all ran down into the ocean
  48. over the cliff into the ocean.
  49. They died.
  50. They began to beg Jesus to depart
  51. from their region.
  52. And as He was getting into the boat,
  53. the man who had been possessed with the demons
  54. begged Him that he might be with Him.
  55. And He did not permit him, but said to him,
  56. "Go home to your friends,
  57. and tell them how much the Lord has done for you,
  58. and how He has had mercy on you."
  59. And, Ken, no matter how immature you are,
  60. no matter how recently saved you are,
  61. let that man be an example for us.
  62. Christ did not think he was too immature
  63. to go speak to his family and his friends
  64. and his kinsmen and his city.
  65. We have to be careful about that whole attitude.
  66. We don't feel like we can do anything for God.
  67. It's not really as though God needs us to do anything.
  68. In fact, what Scripture makes very clear
  69. is without Christ we can do nothing,
  70. and if we're not abiding in Him,
  71. we can do nothing.
  72. And when we talk that talk, I just don't feel like
  73. I can do anything for God,
  74. the fact is the best thing,
  75. the smallest thing, the most trifling thing
  76. that we can ever do that's worth anything,
  77. He has done through us.
  78. We are His workmanship
  79. created in Christ Jesus for good works.
  80. And if we're not abiding in Him,
  81. and He's not supporting it and strengthening it,
  82. and giving us the grace to carry it out,
  83. we simply can't go there.
  84. God is not waiting around for us.
  85. Didn't God say in the Psalms,
  86. "Look, if I were hungry I would not come to you."
  87. Why? Because all the food is His.
  88. He doesn't need us in that fashion.
  89. And if there's uncleanness in the life,
  90. then it's true, and we hear it on Sunday afternoon.
  91. You're a fit vessel when you're a clean vessel.
  92. And if there's sin in the life,
  93. we need to repent of the sin.
  94. Clean vessels will get used.
  95. They'll be profitable for the Master's use.
  96. That's what Paul taught Timothy.