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Leaders in the arts invite their peers to join them in putting love and forgiveness into action in their sector.

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  1. [Ronne Hartfeld] We call on all artists in the global arts community to join us
  2. in celebrating and fostering the values of love and forgiveness in the work that we do.
  3. [David Colson] Each of us, in our own disciplines and communities, sees the need for healing
  4. the necessity for deeper communication and emotional connection
  5. [Hartfeld] and the need to serve as a beacon in a broken world
  6. where anger and hostility too often supplant compassion and caring for others.
  7. [Colson] We embrace the reality of mutual interdependence
  8. and the particular role that creativity, imagination and inspiration
  9. can play in addressing these challenges.
  10. [Hartfeld] The arts expand our horizons, challenge our preconceptions
  11. and allow both artist and audience to transcend the limitations and barriers
  12. of our inherited past and day-to-day lives.
  13. [Colson] The artist, thus, has a special responsibilities in a vital calling
  14. to draw upon his or her talents in changing hearts and minds.
  15. [Hartfeld] In the spirit of the Fetzer Global Gathering in Assisi in September 2012,
  16. we publicly express our support of the Gathering's espousal of the centrality of love and forgiveness,
  17. [Colson] give our commitment to these values
  18. [Hartfeld] and urge other artists to join us.