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  1. As you go through this course, and when you're
  2. analyzing data on your own, we want you to
  3. keep the following in mind. Always be curious and
  4. skeptical when you're taking a look at data. Nate Silver
  5. a statistician noted for his work in baseball and
  6. in politics, captured the sentiment as well. He said, People
  7. should be more skeptical when they see numbers. They
  8. should be willing to play around with the data themselves.
  9. Exploratory data analysis is one of the best tools that we
  10. have for playing with the data. For letting the data speak
  11. really directly. When conducting an exploratory data analysis. We want to
  12. test our intuitions about the data set and develop new intuitions.
  14. When you're going through this course and analyzing the data sets that we're
  15. going to take a look at. We want you to be excited to play
  16. with the data. But we also want you to be open to detecting
  17. oddities in the data. Especially through
  18. the visualizations and summaries that you produce.