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  1. So, when you are managing a successful product,
  2. you will get many of these bug reports,
  3. and you must make sure that no bug report ever gets lost
  4. and also that all these bug reports eventually get handled in finite time.
  5. Before that you'll have to store these problem reports somewhere
  6. that you can classify them, mark them, and evaluate them.
  7. This is the talk of a problem database.
  8. Simply speaking, a problem database holds all problems
  9. that ever occurred with some product.
  10. Whenever somebody reports a problem,
  11. either though an automatic means or as a regular user,
  12. all of these problems get stored in the problem database.
  13. You may wonder how many of these bug reports
  14. end up with large companies over time.
  15. Actually, these problem databases are huge.
  16. I don't know how this is for Apple,
  17. but I've been the first non-Microsoft researcher ever to peek into
  18. the problem database of Microsoft.
  19. I can't tell you exact number of bug reports that are in there,
  20. but if you consider that Microsoft has sold 450 million
  21. of Windows 7 licenses.
  22. If every user just experiences one such crash per month,
  23. that's more than 37 million bug reports each year.
  24. This is only from people who actually click on the send button.
  25. I guess there's a number of people who run Microsoft
  26. but don't have a proper licence and prefer not to tell Microsoft
  27. about their problems.