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An Atheist, Then a Religious Hypocrite, Now a Lover of Christ - Testimony

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I wanted to become anything but a Christian, I looked at things like Buddhism and it was all fairy tale stuff, but eventually I started to open the Bible and look at it as a history book. I just started in Genesis verse 1. I kept reading and it seemed to make sense but I didn't really understand it at the time. I was trying to interpret it through my atheistic worldview. Yet I still knew it was all true. I started to go to a church for six years and became very religious but I never really knew Jesus Christ. I was religious on Sunday but for the rest of the week I just lived like a complete hypocrite. Yet I always knew that there was something more to Christianity that I didn't have, and of course what I was missing was Jesus Christ. Up until this time God was just a distant deity to me, I didn't really know Him.


Kevin Williams is a Pastor in Manchester, England at Grace Fellowship Manchester

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