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  1. [Peter] So on this web page, there are 3 clickable hyperlinks.
  2. The first URL links to higher education.
  3. The second URL links to Sebastian's Wikipedia page.
  4. And the last one is the Digital Life Design Conference Wikipedia page.
  5. To go to the answers, here is the HTML page that you were given.
  6. The first option is this URL right here.
  7. Although it is a URL, it's not a clickable link.
  8. It's not encapsulated in this prefix
  9. that was described before.
  10. The "a" means that this is an anchor tag,
  11. and the href means that it's a hyperlink reference
  12. specified by the URL.
  13. So this is not the correct choice because it is not a link
  14. that you can click on.
  15. The second choice is a URL to the Wikipedia page on higher education.
  16. It highlights this text as a clickable link.
  17. The third option is Sebastian Thrun's Wikipedia page.
  18. Again, for the same reason as before, it's a link that you can click on.
  19. The fourth option is this quote.
  20. Although it's encapsulated in quotes like the other URLs,
  21. it's not in a tag at all.
  22. It's just plain text as displayed on the screen.
  23. The last option is a URL to the Wikipedia page
  24. on the Digital Life Design Conference.
  25. Like the other 2 URLs, it is a link that you can click on.