Queen - Absolute Greatest

Queen - Absolute Greatest

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This is a video compilation released by myself, based on the original audio-only compilation 'Absolute Greatest' of 2009. At that compilation, some songs were left out for unknown reasons, like Innuendo and A Winter's Tale. As this is my own release, I decided to put both songs in the video, and another two extra tracks from the 2014 compilation 'Forever'. Who Wants To Live Forever has been cut out for copyright reasons.

01. We Will Rock You 00:00
02. We Are The Champions 02:05
03. Radio Ga Ga 05:10
04. Another One Bites The Dust 10:56
05. I Want It All 14:32
06. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 18:38
07. A Kind Of Magic 21:17
08. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie) 25:37
09. One Vision 29:37
10. You're My Best Friend 33:47
11. Don't Stop Me Now 36:43
12. Killer Queen 40:13
13. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 43:17
14. Seven Seas Of Rhye 47:26
15. Innuendo 50:02
16. Heaven For Everyone 56:43
17. Let Me In You Heart Again 1:01:29
18. Somebody To Love 1:06:11
19. There Must Be More To Life Than This (Orbit Mix) (Queen & Michael Jackson) 1:11:13
20. I Want To Break Free 1:15:17
21. A Winter's Tale 1:19:42
22. The Show Must Go On 1:23:37
23. Bohemian Rhapsody 1:27:58

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