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  1. So, we have seen how to reduce an 800-line input to a single line
  2. and even reduce this single line even further to 8 characters
  3. that reproduce the bug.
  4. This is also what the Mozilla volunteers did,
  5. and within one night the first volunteers already had earned their t-shirts.
  6. This is obviously simpler than 800-lines of HTML code,
  7. but what is it that makes something simpler?
  8. Or when do we say that something is simpler than something else?
  9. What is it that makes something simple?
  10. First, there is the burden it takes to understand something.
  11. In debugging, an input that takes me 10 seconds to understand
  12. is simpler than an input that takes me 10 minutes.
  13. This is why one line of HTML is better than 800 lines of HTML,
  14. because the one line of HTML has a far smaller burden to understand
  15. why something went wrong.
  16. Second, the less burden it takes to explain something,
  17. the simpler it is, or maybe the other way around.
  18. If something is simpler, it takes less effort or explain something.
  19. If I say Mozilla cannot print a select tag,
  20. then it is way simpler than saying Mozilla can't print this Bugzilla page
  21. with the following 800 lines of code.
  22. Plus, a short explanation also points me directly to the code in question.
  23. If I know Mozilla can't print a select tag,
  24. I can go directly to the code in which Mozilla handles printing select tags.
  25. All of his, however, refers to humans.
  26. It is the human burden we're talking about.
  27. Things that are simple are easy to explain and easy to understand,
  28. but what is complex to one can be simple to others and vice versa.
  29. The same thing can be explained in simple terms and also in complex terms.