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  1. Say we're using depth peeling or some other advanced transparency technique.
  2. We're getting great pictures of transparent objects. Front faces and back faces
  3. are both rendered. And in the right order. Life is good. However, we then see
  4. another rendering problem when we put a blue glass cube on a wood table. What is
  5. this major problem that gives horrible art effects that change from frame to
  6. frame as the view changes. Is it that the bottom of the cube has z-fighting with
  7. the top of the table. Absorption of the light is not properly accounted for by
  8. the GPU. The bottom of the cube is black due to total internal reflection. Or
  9. the sides of the cube do not refract the light, causing black areas to occur.
  10. I'll give you a hint. It's something we've covered in this course.