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  1. [Narrator] So, in this class you will learn about particle filters.
  2. In our sequence of algorithms for estimating the state of a system,
  3. this is the third one and in many ways is the best one.
  4. It's the easiest to program
  5. and in most ways is the most flexible.
  6. And to understand why I'm saying this let me start
  7. with a little quiz that goes back into the first 2 classes.
  8. In class 1, we learned about histogram filters,
  9. in class 2 about Kalman filters,
  10. and we even had to prove there.
  11. Today, I'll teach you about particle filters,
  12. but we can't really know about particle filters quite yet.
  13. So, my questions will only pertain to histogram filters and Kalman filters.
  14. First, I'd like to know whether the state space was discrete or continuous.
  15. Please check exactly 1 of those 2 boxes over here,
  16. and I understand these are not entirely non-ambiguous questions,
  17. but in the spirit of the method please check whichever fits best.