Angel Investors Want to Invest – Maybe in YOU!

It is the first Tuesday of the month and I’m always thrilled to have Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove back on air to discuss what’s happening in the world of mobile technology. Today we have a special guest with us, Muriel Devillers, of LumuInvest, a self-defined Woman in Tech and a Maverick Anger Investor. Based in Luxemburg, she travels the world looking for new businesses and technologies that she can invest in and bring into the spotlight.

On today’s show we will be talking about how businesses can find the right angel investor and why so many fail. It is not always about money – often the greatest ideas remain ideas because the owner doesn’t know how to bring it into the light. It takes a strong team, a solid business strategy, and the right marketing plan along with the right connections.

We will also explore where the world is going as everything moves to mobile and technology continues to impact every business and every professional across the globe.