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← [TRANSLATED] Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

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  1. I'm big Ben Franklin
  2. and this shant be pretty
  3. let me instruct you how we battle
  4. in the city of Philly
  5. you couldn't sell Rick James
  6. a bag of crack
  7. you're out of practice
  8. my victory's more certain
  9. than death or taxes
  10. fact is
  11. you're a hack
  12. wack QVC joke
  13. you peddle soap
  14. that cleans bird shit
  15. from my windows
  16. I'll craft a lyrical coffin
  17. and then spit the nails in
  18. call my Arthur Miller son
  19. cause it's death of a salesman
  20. Hi Billy Mays here
  21. with a special TV offer
  22. watch me crush this
  23. bald fat foppish founding father
  24. I'll take my awesome auger
  25. and sow your quaker oats
  26. I'll shoot your rhymes down
  27. like a regiment of red coats
  28. I'm the lord of the pitch
  29. and leader in home sales
  30. you're just a lumpy pumpkin
  31. who invented the mail
  32. Benny's got kite'n key
  33. but you're in for a shock
  34. when I strike you with bolts
  35. from my lightning rod cock
  36. Stop
  37. I protest these intolerable raps
  38. it takes just one easy payment
  39. for me to whoop your ass
  40. cause I'm mint
  41. I'm money
  42. I'm an educated gentleman
  43. so join or die Bill
  44. cause it's all about the Benjamin
  45. but wait, there's more...
  46. Is there anyone out there who can finish this battle?
  47. anyone?
  48. anyone?
  49. I can
  50. you following me camera guy?
  51. cause it's about to get furious
  52. you're gonna love my nuts
  53. until you're bi-focal-curious
  54. your boy George chopped down trees
  55. you couldn't break a piece of balsa
  56. slap chop your face
  57. make a double chin salsa
  58. your style is so broke
  59. they call you Poor Richard
  60. it's bad enough I gotta see you
  61. every time I tip a stripper
  62. Vince against a founding father
  63. is just too bad
  64. cause after this
  65. America is gonna lose a Dad
  66. Who won?
  67. Who's next?
  68. You decide