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  1. Since we're going to be doing a lot of math together in this course, a great
  2. place to start would be by talking about numbers, since we'll use them all the
  3. time. What is a number really? Well, it's not a thing out here in the world that
  4. we can see and touch. I at least have never seen a three or a negative 15 and a
  5. half walking around anywhere. Instead, numbers are abstract and we use them as
  6. tools to talk about things that we find around us. A kindergarten teacher, for
  7. example, needs to make sure that none of her students gets lost when she takes
  8. them on a trip to the zoo. One way she could do this would be by constantly
  9. looking at a list of their names and double-checking that every child on the
  10. list is in the group, but this would get really tiring and probably wouldn't be
  11. all that effective. What do you think might be a better way of doing this? Our
  12. first quiz of the course will be a really kind of silly question, but, let's go
  13. with it. How could a teacher make sure that none of her students get lost at the
  14. zoo? And here are a couple of answers that you get to choose from. Tell them all
  15. to be responsible for themselves and not run off. Your second choice is hope for
  16. the best. Your third choice is count them. Your last choice is they probably
  17. shouldn't go on the trip at, at all, just to be safe. Please click the circle
  18. next the choice below, that you think is the best answer. When you've picked
  19. which one you think is right, press the Submit button underneath.