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  1. Now let's turn to feedback. How would you let a user know
  2. when something was done? How does the user know that the action has
  3. been completed? So now, now you're going to do the exchange. So
  4. now you're exchanging with someone. How do you know when it's been completed?
  5. >> Okay.
  6. >> You know what's funny about these questions, is they seem obvious. Like,
  7. duh, right, but actually when you're the designer, you have to think about this.
  8. >> Yeah.
  9. >> What happens that shows it's done?
  10. >> Mhm.
  11. >> The numbers change. Does anything else happen?
  12. Do they see the numbers change? If you view
  13. this like some Apple products sometimes, like when
  14. you delete something, the little piece moves into the
  15. trash can. You know, that's feedback. Right? But
  16. it's also feedback that showed what happened. Like this
  17. thing didn't just disappear, it moved into this
  18. other folder that you can actually go to. [SOUND]