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  1. Alright, why don't you try writing a quick sequel query
  2. of your own on the India aadhaar data set. What we're
  3. going to do is read in an aadhaar data CSV
  4. to create a pandas data frame which can be queried using
  5. sequel like syntax. We'll rename any columns that have spaces
  6. in them with underscores and set all characters to lower case.
  7. So if the columns names more closely resemble columns names
  8. one might find in a table. Why don't you write query
  9. that will select out the first 50 values
  10. for registrar and enrollment agency in the aadhaar_data table.
  11. Your queries should go here. So that's how we
  12. pull all of the data out of SQL database.