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  1. Inserting the row, Madhya Pradesh, 28, 50.0, 60
  2. into our aadhaar table would be allowed, despite the
  3. fact that it's sort of gibberish. Madhya Pradesh's
  4. size will be stored as 50.0 square kilometers and
  5. it's population would be stored as 60. The
  6. interesting thing here is that the capital would be
  7. stored as 28, a string which doesn't really make
  8. much sense. But, in any case, the data would
  9. still be stored. You should always be careful to define the data
  10. types for your columns in a sensible way. For example, storing numbers as
  11. strings is problematic. Since it disallows
  12. us from doing numerical computations on
  13. the column. For example, taking the average value or finding the minimum value.