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Have You Ever Emotionally Cheated? | Kati Morton

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An emotional affair is when we engage in a very emotionally intimate relationship with someone other than our partner or spouse. This isn’t a sexual or physical affair, this is an affair of the heart.
Why do these types of affairs happen? Just like any relationship issue they can happen for many many reasons, but the most common reasons for emotional affairs are 1) we really struggle with healthy boundaries. As we have talked about before, boundaries can be physical and emotional, but they are handled in very much the same way, and if we can’t set them and uphold them we can find ourselves being emotionally unfaithful. We struggle to not overshare and therefore get into really personal conversations with people without realizing it. 2) We don’t respect our partner or spouse anymore. Maybe they aren’t the same as they used to be, maybe they are going through a hard time, maybe they work really long hours, so we don’t feel like we see them anymore. Or it’s possible that they have cheated on us or done something that was hurtful and upsetting. Whatever the cause, we can see that as a reason to get close to someone else. 3) We may need a lot of outside validation. Maybe we have some narcissistic tendencies or feel a bit neglected by our partner. So we go looking for that attention and connection from someone else. And the fourth and final reason I am going to address here is that you don’t know how to let your partner or spouse know how you are feeling or what you need.Order My Book Today! Are u ok?​ ​BetterHelp
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