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Other Ways / Redefining Family


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Guruji Sri Vast talks of our concept of family and why that concept needs to be broadened to include all people, not just those inside your house.

"You see so many people left alone. Why? Because of our concept of family." - Guruji Sri Vast

There are other ways of doing things. In this video, Guruju Sri Vast argues that it's our concept of family that is destroying the world. "By only seeing those inside your house as your family, naturally, you must take from those outside of your house to take care of those inside of your house." This view puts all families in competition with one another. Sri Vast points towards a new concept of family.

What does family mean to you? For Sri Vast, it is anywhere where he feels love and accepted for who he is. Using this definition of family - love and acceptance - could we not all be one big human family?

"No one needs to be alone."

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