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  1. I am saying they are all forgiven.
  2. I am saying He's purged them all.
  3. He's dealt with every molecule
  4. of our guilt and shame.
  5. Not one rogue molecule remains
  6. that I have to purge myself.
  7. Every spot imputed to Him.
  8. There is absolutely nothing left.
  9. Do you believe it?
  10. The single determinant
  11. of your relationship with God this morning
  12. is what happened on that cross.
  13. Nothing else matters.
  14. Nothing else is relevant.
  15. There are only two factors
  16. in that equation:
  17. What Christ did
  18. and how God responded.
  19. And the way you feel
  20. and the way you struggle
  21. and what you achieve and how you fail,
  22. that is irrelevant.
  23. The one thing relevant
  24. is what the Lamb of God did on the cross.
  25. And I don't for a moment believe
  26. that the heart that knows that
  27. will take advantage of it
  28. and go from it to live a life without law,
  29. because that cross, that grace,
  30. won't let you.
  31. This excerpt was taken
    from the full sermon:
  32. "The Greatness of Jesus Christ:
    His Work (Part 2)"