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  1. And that's just the beginning of what you can
  2. do with MapReduce. Recommendation systems,
  3. fraud detection, item classification are
  4. all great problems for MapReduce. These all have some
  5. basic characteristics in common. They have a lot of data,
  6. and the work can be parallelized rather than slogging
  7. through in serial. Perhaps one of the more difficult things
  8. to learn when you're new to Hadoop. Is how to
  9. think about solving problems in terms of MapReduce. It can
  10. be very different than how you're used to working. And
  11. frankly, it takes a lot of practice. So in the next
  12. lesson, we're going to write the code for the sales by
  13. store problem, and we'll also start talking about other MapReduce problems.