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  1. instrumental
  2. "The Scientific Conversation" by Etienne Klein
  3. Today : What means ''to translate'' ?
  4. The great reader and translator,
  5. Valery Larbaud was surrounded by books
  6. that were bound in a specific colour
  7. depending on the original
  8. language of these books
  9. English novels were bound in blue,
  10. Spanish in red, German novels in green
  11. and so on and so forth
  12. It was about showing that languages are not
  13. neutral, they color the texts in a unique
  14. and intense way that none of the artworks
  15. is taken independently from its source
  16. language. Therefore, of course, changes
  17. in forms of gateways are possible, but
  18. they are always delicate to the act of
  19. translation. ''All the work of
  20. translation'' written by Valery Larbaud,
  21. is word weighing. In
  22. one of the trays we narrate one after the
  23. other the words of the author, and doing
  24. so, we try in turns an
  25. undetermined number of words
  26. that belong to the native language
  27. of the writer, waiting for the moment when
  28. balance is found. End of quote.