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  1. This is done for the enjoyment
    of KPA fans all over the world.
  2. No! Seven years?!
  3. Is that justice?!
  4. Return to your seat, Omer Bey
  5. Quiet!
  6. Omer, please don’t.
  7. Quiet, enough!
  8. Write this down, my girl. The decision is:
  9. In light of the evidence, the accusations of money
    laundering will be considered. In order to investigate the money
    laundering organization and ready the file for the final trial,
  10. I am delaying the trial until next month.
    The suspect will be detained in jail during this time.
  11. It’s not over yet.
  12. It will be, Chief Commissar Omer. This too will end - there’s only a little left, anyway.
  13. You didn’t listen to your elders. Didn’t I tell you I could remove these handcuffs as quickly as they were put on? Did I or did I not?
  14. Do you think people are stupid?
  15. I will ruin this operation of yours. I ruined it once, and I’ll ruin it again.
  16. As long as I’m alive, you’ll get your punishment, Tayyar.
  17. This world is too small for us both, Commissar Omer - too small.
  18. There’s no escape. Say your last prayer.
  19. Let go of the gun, leave it.
  20. What will happen if I don’t let it go?
  21. Damn!
  22. What happened? What happened here? What did you do, you maniac?
  23. Let go of the gun. Let go! Get away.
  24. The man is dead. This maniac killed him - take him away.
  25. Prosecutor Bey
  26. Prosecutor Bey
  27. You saw that man and know him now
  28. My friends and I told you what happened over the past year. We showed you!
  29. That’s it? The punishment Tayyar Dundar deserves is only 7 years?!
  30. Who do you think you are to question my decision?
  31. I’m just telling you to do your job!
  32. Is your aim to get me out of my job?
  33. Omer, shall I request an investigation on you now? If you had actually done your job and gotten me evidence…
  34. Don’t you dare face me again; I’ll burn you in your place.
  35. Prosecutor Bey!
  36. Bro, stop!
  37. Come on, Bro. Come on, let’s talk, Bro.
  38. Abi, what talk? What will we talk about? Didn’t you see?! Everything is bad.
  39. They won’t imprison the man. There’s a whole army behind him!
  40. Abi, even if we accused the man of a witnessed crime, they’d hide it!
  41. I’ve finally understood what there is to understand.
  42. What did you say to the two of them? What do you know?
  43. You’re asking about Elif and Filiz?
  44. Don’t mess with me; you know very well who I’m talking about.
  45. They know everything - that you’re a criminal who launders money.
  46. That you’re a killer…they know everything.
  47. Okay, leave me alone! I’m walking.
  48. Don’t talk, walk…
  49. Fatih, what happened? What’s all this?
  50. What could have happened? He killed a man from cell ‘J’.
  51. It’s over for him.
  52. What did you do? Are you insane?
  53. Ask Tayyar Dundar
  54. Oh, Fatih. If only you hadn’t done it.
  55. Tayyar Dundar’s Dogs - listen to me!
  56. Shut up!
  57. Tell him I’ll take everything he took from me by the throat, one by one!
  58. Shut up! Don’t shout!
  59. I’ll kill him even if it’s the last thing I do on this earth!
  60. Shut him up!
  61. I’LL KILL HIM!
  62. Shut up!
  63. Omer Abi, wait a little bit. This won’t do any good. Please calm down, Omer!
  64. Your Honour, can we talk?
  65. Get out of my room, Omer Bey. The prosecutor just told me about your embarrassing outburst.
  66. Then you need to listen to me, too.
  67. I told you to leave. If you don’t want to land yourself in a catastrophe, leave us alone. Let us do our jobs!
  68. Please, please do your job in a suitable way.
  69. Do your job in a way suitable to your robes - like you swore to do.
    I don’t want anything else from you!
  70. What is this, daring? Who do you think you are to give me a lesson in manners?
  71. Leave my room immediately. Immediately!
  72. Okay, let it be so.
  73. Good day, Your Honour.
  74. Why did you kill the man?
  75. Because if I hadn’t killed him, he would have killed me.
  76. How did you get a weapon inside?
  77. The gun wasn’t mine. The man dragged me to the toilets and pulled the gun on me there.
  78. Ask the prison guard how he smuggled it in and trapped me. Why wasn’t there anyone around at that moment?
  79. So, everyone is at fault, and you’re the only innocent one, right?
  80. I swear to you that I was defending myself.
  81. I read the work request you sent me yesterday.
  82. I was happy because you’re becoming a dad and a man too. In one second,
    you erased and threw away everything with that action. You know that, right?
  83. I swear to you. I was just defending myself. Help me…
  84. Even if what you say is true, you don’t have proof. Even then, you’ll be staying another 10 years at least. Do you understand?
  85. I’ll do what I can. I’ll say what you said. The decision is with the court.
  86. You can take him.
  87. Yes, sir…
    Take him
  88. Okay, Bro; let him get out in 4 years.
    While he’s there counting his days, we’ll darken his dawn, and it’ll be over.
  89. Bro, is Tayyar Dundar stupid?!
    Do you think he’ll sit around doing nothing?
  90. No doubt, he started erasing evidence ages ago.
  91. He’ll stay handcuffed because he’s in jail?!
  92. Four walls and a metal door will stop him, huh?!
  93. He will continue sailing his ship!
  94. Abi, we won’t let him set up an organization in jail.
  95. We’re talking about Tayyar Dundar here, not a normal criminal!
  96. That man has both money and power - so much so that he can order people around here too.
  97. Our work has become even harder now - even impossible.
  98. You know that, too.
  99. What can we do, Bro? This is all we can do. Our job is to gather evidence,
    get proof, and then hand it over to the justice department.
  100. Maybe what you’re saying is not enough for Tayyar Dundar.
  101. If that’s the reality, then we will live according to that reality and fight, Bro.
  102. What can we do? We won’t grab a gun and shoot him.
  103. Unbelievable, Omer. Don’t talk crazy. We’re policemen, not executioners.
  104. It’s better if I’m alone now.
  105. You two go into the room. I won’t leave them alone during the procedures, okay?
  106. I can’t do it.
  107. I’m not ready to face her yet.
  108. Okay, okay. If you don’t want to, it’s not a problem.
  109. Let them take you home then. But if you need anything, definitely call me, okay?
  110. Elif!
  111. What are you two doing here?
  112. We called you and Omer, and we couldn't get through. Our auntie was arrested. What’s going on, Elif?
  113. What’s going on? Why did they arrest her?
  114. I didn’t want to tell her on my own.
  115. You knew?
  116. I knew that there was a suspicion of things - that’s all. I didn’t want to tell
    you because you are pregnant, Nilu. I didn’t want to harm the baby.
  117. Can one of you tell me what’s going on here? Please!
  118. Okay, girls. Please calm down. Things are difficult as it is
  119. Come inside, and I’ll tell you.
  120. - First, listen to me, Omer.
    - LISTEN!
  121. Listen to me; I didn’t come to hear you.
  122. Know this, if you had admitted everything, there would have
    come a day when I could have respected you again.
  123. Shut up! Shut up!
  124. But today you showed me that evil and selfishness inside you once again!
  125. But, you can’t destroy me. You can’t destroy me again.
  126. This is our last meeting.
  127. Omer, I did it for you, for our family…
  128. He sent me a letter.
  129. If I gave a my statement, he would have hurt you all.
  130. He would have killed you, my mother, and my children - one after the other.
  131. You don’t love me anymore, Omer. I know that you have erased me.
  132. But, how can I erase you? You’re my brother, half of my soul.
  133. How could I have allowed them to kill you?
  134. What spiel are you feeding me, Huseyin Demir?!
  135. If you were really thinking of me, you would have come and told me everything.
  136. But you didn’t think of us at all.
  137. We weren’t your worry at all.
  138. We weren’t your worry at all.
  139. Don’t talk anymore to console your conscience. You’re a
    criminal; you’re a brilliant killer. You’re Tayyar’s strong
    point, and you are a bought ex-policeman!
  140. It’s good that you’re nothing to me anymore.
  141. Okay, come on, get up. Let’s go home.
  142. She’s still in health check, anyway. What can you even achieve if you meet her, Elif?
  143. I’ll see, Omer. I’ll see her and then go home.
  144. So you won’t come with us? You’ll leave us alone on this day, right?
  145. Elif’s place is beside Omer now, Asli. She doesn’t have to constantly look after us.
  146. Come on, we’re going. Let’s gather our aunt’s things and get rid of them, because they could let her go, and I don’t want…
  147. Don’t worry, darling. I don’t think they will let her go for another 10 years.
  148. And you won’t get distracted too much, okay? You’ll see Colombo and then go to your house.
  149. Don’t worry… I’ll look after this pretty, pregnant one and my sister’s little baby, okay?
  150. Come on
  151. Nilufer
  152. I have bad news for you
  153. What’s happened? Fatih?
  154. Fatih.
  155. He’s fine, but…
  156. He killed someone in jai.
  157. You’ll stay here until things calm down in the cell, understand?
  158. Damn you, Tayyar Dundar!
  159. Damn you
  160. Go in
  161. Elif…
  162. I’m innocent!
  163. Innocent!
  164. You made them kill a mother; you made them kill my dad.
  165. You’re drowning up to your neck in crime. You’re the head of a crime organization. How are you innocent, Auntie? How are you innocent?
  166. The one who brought me into this dirty work…
  167. Was always my brother…
  168. He called me one evening.
  169. “The debt collectors are at the door, and they’re going to kill me,” he said.
  170. What could I do?
  171. What could I have do?!
  172. Leave my brother alone?
  173. Tell me…
  174. You made them kill my dad because he brought you into dirty business?
  175. You’re obviously judging my life now.
  176. Judging from afar is very easy for everyone.
  177. But believe me, Elif…
  178. My life was never that easy.
  179. It wasn’t at all.
  180. Elif, you don’t have to listen to her. Leave if you want to.
  181. No, I’ll hear her out. My aunt will tell me why she ruined my family.
  182. Sometimes people sacrifice things just to stay alive.
  183. My brother did that to stay alive…My brother did that to stay alive…
  184. He ruined me.
  185. He undermined me.
  186. I told you; we used to be very poor.
  187. Me, my brother, and our little sister Elif.
  188. My brother came home one day…
  189. In his hand was a ticket…
  190. A ticket to Istanbul …
  191. He said, “I’m going.”
  192. “I’ll take Elif, too.”
  193. “Later on, I’ll bring you.”
  194. We were in a really bad way.
  195. I couldn’t know, in that minute, where the ticket to Istanbul
    was bought - how it was bought.
  196. But I found out the situation later.
  197. My brother had sold me to my husband.
  198. The night before…
  199. The value of my life…my own life…
  200. Was the price of a ticket to Istanbul?
  201. I argued with him. I begged him not to do it…he didn’t listen to me.
  202. I told him that I wouldn’t get married.
  203. He wouldn’t listen.
  204. He said he’d promised him - he’d promised.
  205. I was very weak, Elif. I was very weak then…
  206. I was very weak, Elif. I was very weak then…
  207. My brother took Elif and left.
  208. I cried so much. Do you know that?
  209. Because she was like my little daughter - my mother had entrusted her with me.
  210. I couldn’t listen to her leaving.
  211. My brother didn’t call at all. Not any day, ever.
  212. It was always me who called: “How are you both, Brother?
    What are you doing?” He always ignored me.
    He never cared about me.
  213. One day I found out that Elif had died.
  214. Because of an illness…
  215. And my brother…
  216. He didn’t even let me say goodbye to my darling with the black eyes.
  217. He didn’t even give me a chance.
  218. You weren’t the only one who hurt.
  219. You weren’t the only one who lost their sister.
  220. My dad was very upset; he lost his sister too.
  221. He missed my aunt Elif always, constantly.
  222. That is why he called me Elif.
  223. He always used to say that he loved me so much because I was similar to her.
  224. You weren’t the only one who hurt, Auntie.
  225. You can’t reproach me
  226. You can’t reproach me
  227. If my brother rises from the grave, he can’t reproach me either.
  228. Nobody can reproach me!
  229. Do you know how much pain I suffered? How much I hurt?
  230. It was all because of that brother of mine. I suffered the greatest pains and separations because of my brother!
  231. Look in my eyes, look!
  232. That brother of mine took my five day old baby from my lap…
  233. To hurt me!
  234. My tears never stopped flowing. I looked for her everywhere, everywhere.
  235. Do you know how much I searched for my daughter?
  236. Why?
  237. Power!
  238. Why? Money!
  239. I couldn’t love anybody.
  240. I couldn’t even become a mother. Do you hear me?
  241. I couldn’t even become a mother! Why?
  242. Power
  243. Money
  244. My brother was going to be very powerful and have lots of money, but us…
  245. We were going to be erased.
  246. He’s the one who introduced me to Tayyar.
  247. Yes, your father was the one who introduced me to Tayyar.
  248. Everyone used to hate each other, everyone…
  249. Everyone used to try to outdo each other.
  250. Your father used to not care about anyone. The only thing your father cared about was to take the diamonds and escape.
  251. None of us were important to him.
  252. None of us
  253. Not me, or his wife, or his family. Not even…
  254. You, who he used to say was the most precious thing he had.
  255. None of us were important, none of us.
  256. He only wanted power. Do you hear me?
  257. He only wanted money, money!
  258. Enough! Enough, Auntie! Shut up!
    Understand? Shut up, enough!
  259. He ruined our lives.
  260. Ruined us
  261. He burned and demolished all of us for money.
  262. That’s why you can’t reproach me from now on, Elif.
  263. Nobody can reproach me from now on.
  264. No one
  265. Are you okay, Elif? Calm down, Elif.
  266. Elif
  267. Elif, has Omer called you?
  268. No, he was in court.
  269. The trial is over. Huseyin Abi didn’t talk, and the prosecutor called for Tayyar’s imprisonment for 7 years.
  270. Seven years? Seven years for all those lives?!
  271. Omer went crazy after that, said he needed to be alone,
    and left. Now, when I call him, he won’t answer his phone.
  272. I’ll find him.
  273. Elif, shall we come too?
  274. Elif?
  275. How did you find me?
  276. With my heart…
  277. I went to the station. I waited for you, but you never came.
  278. You didn’t call.
  279. I couldn’t succeed again.
  280. I’m really sick of it. I’m really sick of living the same things over and
    over and reaching the same conclusions.
  281. Omer, you arrested Tayyar. He’s going to be in jail for several years.
    We’re not in the same place.
  282. But he won’t receive the punishment he deserves.
  283. They’ll reduce it for good behavior, and they’ll release him in
    a few years. He’ll continue his life from where he left off.
  284. The blood of all of those people will remain on the floor.
  285. All because of my brother who lost his humanity.
  286. He could still look me in the eye, and say he did it for us.
  287. You can’t control everything. That’s impossible.
  288. You’re a policeman, and you did everything you could. The rest is up to the court.
  289. No one is doing their job, Elif; that’s what is handcuffing me.
  290. One of them will leave, maybe not today, tomorrow…but one of them will leave…
  291. And Tayyar will be punished as he deserves.
  292. But the souls of the innocent will burn.
  293. You could have died, Elif. Nilufer could have died.
  294. The souls of the people I love are hanging by a thread.
  295. Tayyar is not just a criminal to me. He’s my enemy.
  296. I can’t say I that I arrested him and then leave it.
  297. If they don’t grant justice, then I’ll grab it myself.
  298. What does that mean?
  299. It means everyone will get what they deserve.
  300. You admitted it yourself just now.
  301. You have enough reasons to be involved in the murder of Ahmet Denizer.
  302. Did you give the order or did Tayyar Dundar?
  303. Maybe you ordered Tayyar, and he sent Huseyin?
  304. You admitted it yourself just now.
  305. You have enough reasons to be involved in the murder of Ahmet Denizer.
  306. What did Ipek find? What did she find that made you order them to kill her?
  307. Who were the men you met with? Your and Tayyar’s partners?
  308. What is your role in the organization you set up with Tayyar Dundar?
  309. How many did you kill together?
  310. The prosecutor was exactly as we wanted, right?
  311. The judge too… he acted reasonably. The prosecutor requested
    7 years, but we will get you out in 3 years maximum.
  312. We’ll deal with that; somehow we’ll make them decide to amend
    the decision in the next trail.
  313. That way you’ll be home in 3 or 4 years.
  314. Huseyin saw my power once again; it was a good lesson for my cousin.
  315. He won’t be able to open his mouth again.
  316. Don’t doubt it; Huseyin Demir is no longer a problem for you.
  317. The biggest problem for me was Fatih anyway.
  318. Come on, give me the sad news.
  319. Won’t you offer you condolences? I’ve started grieving for my son, right?
  320. Its bad news in that aspect, Tayyar Bey. Although we wanted to kill Fatih,
    he killed our man instead.
  321. What do you think you’re doing, you stupid man?
  322. That dog won’t eat or drink just to chase me.
  323. Don’t worry, he was arrested in a witnessed crime - murder has been
    added to his attempt on your life.
  324. Don’t worry, he was arrested in a witnessed crime - murder has been
    added to his attempt on your life.
  325. You idiot, do you think that’ll stop Fatih? He’s a Dundar.
  326. He’ll carry out what’s in his head somehow. Either he’ll plot in jail,
    or he will find a way to escape and get into my cell.
  327. Not only bad things happen in life.
  328. I have good news for you; my aunt was arrested.
  329. If Ipek was right, if my aunt was Tayyar Dundar’s partner like she said…
    You can make her talk and arrest Tayyar.
  330. Why didn’t you tell me this before, Elif? That’s very good news!
  331. If we succeed in making that woman talk…
  332. Elif, forgive me.
  333. My eyes were very blinded by that court; I didn’t even ask you if you’re okay.
  334. Are you okay?
  335. I’ve constantly been tested by my loved ones ever since the day my dad died.
  336. My soul is no longer burning.
  337. Nor is my world destroyed…
  338. I’m saddened by that the most…
  339. That a person needs to get used to such things…
  340. Especially betrayal and lack of love…
  341. If only I could erase all your hopelessness.
  342. If you smile like that, you’ll erase it.
  343. Elif
  344. Will you be by my side no matter what I do?
  345. If the thing that you do is not leave me, then yes…
  346. I’ll leave behind everything but you…
  347. Hello, I’m Fatih Dundar’s wife. I want to see my husband.
  348. Visiting time is over, ma’am.
  349. Could I meet with the warden and ask his permission?
  350. Come with your lawyer, ma’am.
  351. Look, my husband has been hurt!
  352. My husband has had an accident; please, I beg you…
  353. Please, I’m begging you!
  354. What is the problem?
  355. I am Fatih Dundar’s wife. I want to see my husband!
  356. Since your husband killed his roommate, you can’t see him! He is in detention!
  357. If I come during visiting hours, can I see him then?
  358. Fine, if I write him a note or a letter, would you give it to him?
  359. It’s impossible, madam!
  360. After his detention is over, you can see him during visiting hours!
  361. Look, I really have to see my husband! Please, please!
  362. Please!!!
  363. The walk did you good, eh?
  364. Yes, very much!
  365. Commissar, you came out a bit lazy!
  366. I told you from the beginning. You are not so into gestures.
  367. When someone takes love for granted, you wouldn’t even move his finger!
  368. Where did that just come from?
  369. Have I missed something, Signorina?
  370. Weren’t you going to propose to me?
  371. Or have you given up?
  372. Everything came up so suddenly -
  373. from one side Fatih, Nilufer, and your aunt! From the other side- Tayyar!
  374. I thought you were not in the mood, and this wasn’t the right time!
  375. That’s why I am saying it now.
  376. Won’t a bit of happiness do us good?
  377. You are serious!
  378. I thought a lot, assumed, and just when I got accustomed to it,
  379. I didn’t receive a sign from you and thought it wasn’t the right time for it.
  380. As a woman, who has been left at the altar, I think I struggled just a little!
  381. It is my right!
  382. Whatever you do is your right!
  383. Look, just with your smile, the clouds have moved away and the sun has shown up!
  384. How do you do that?
  385. It’s not me! Our love does it!
  386. What’s going on?
  387. Sir, I am in front of the department now, and I have very bad news for you!
  388. What’s up? Did my son escape from prison?
  389. They arrested Mrs. Nedret! Omer Demir and his crew caught her!
  390. For murder…
  391. The victim was a Commissar in the Homicide Department.
  392. Is this true? Tell me if she really killed her! Tell me this! Did she order it?
  393. We don’t know, sir, but there is something even worse!
  394. What’s worse, damn you! What else?
  395. What Huseyin and Fatih didn’t do, you will do!
  396. You will give me a heart attack! What else?
  397. They suspect that Mrs Nedret is your accomplice!
  398. Since Mrs. Nedret was caught, the deal was ruined, and the man disappeared. He left for Dubai awhile ago.
  399. I will f*** your deals, and you and Nedret!
  400. Tolga, where is Nedret?
  401. She is still in the second room, Devrem!
  402. Thank you, Brother!
  403. Elif, you go to Pelo!
  404. Omer, let me go inside too!
  405. Please, Elif!
  406. Look, don’t object immediately. Listen to me first!
  407. My aunt’s weak spots are me and Filiz!
  408. Eh, since Filiz won’t come here, use me!
  409. She may confess.
  410. Ok, we have nothing to lose, come!
  411. You rest, Buddy!
  412. Ok, Chief Commissar!
  413. My colleagues explained to you why you are here.
  414. They told you about the evidence as well.
  415. If you want, I will tell you about the years of punishment you will get.
  416. Murder, ordering a murder, money laundering, and participating in a criminal organization…
  417. Mrs. Nedret, you will not see the sun again until the end of your life!
  418. Commissar, why are you beating around the bush?
  419. What’s your point!?
  420. In short, tell us about your collaboration with Tayyar Dundar! Confess.
  421. Help us convict him for murder, and I will arrange a lesser verdict for you!
  422. How do you come up with these ideas, Colombo?
  423. How can you come up with such a thing? Tayyar was a friend of my brother. I know him from there!
  424. Otherwise, everything else is a lie!
  425. So, you won’t accept?
  426. I won’t accept.
  427. Aunt, why are you doing this?
  428. You came here alone from Malatya of your own free will.
  429. You came to us, so you must have a conscience!
  430. Think of your motherhood, Auntie!
  431. No more secrets, no more heavy guilt to hide!
  432. The only thing you should do is to accept Omer’s offer!
  433. Then you will live the rest of your life with your daughter.
  434. You will live with Filiz!
  435. Only 5 minutes, Mr. Dundar; otherwise, we both will be in trouble!
  436. Fine, I got it, enough!
  437. Close the door!
  438. You do something right away! Right away!
  439. You must find out what Omer has in his hands concerning Nedret and me!
  440. I want you to find out word for word what testimony Nedret has given!
  441. We thought we got rid of her, and this is not good at all!
  442. Unfortunately, things seem a little bit confused.
  443. Confused? Confused? They are out of control, man! Idiot!
  444. When I leave things in the hands of people like you, it always happens like this.
  445. We must come to ourselves immediately!
  446. Don’t worry. I will try to meet with Mrs. Nedret by all possible means!
  447. Don’t try! Don’t try! Do it!
  448. Does she want a lawyer?
  449. Uhmm…
  450. Find out these things, man! Find out!
  451. Do I have to tell you everything?
  452. Send her one of our lawyers!
  453. So we can be informed about everything!
  454. I don’t intend to die because of your stupidity!
  455. Now get lost! Disappear and do everything like I told you! One by one!
  456. Mrs. Nedret, how long do we have to wait?
  457. Will you help us, or will you not?
  458. I will speak.
  459. I will tell you everything we did with Tayyar.
  460. How we started, the organ trafficking
  461. - the murder of my brother!
  462. I will tell you everything!
  463. Aunt, are you ok?
  464. I need some water if it's not too much trouble.
  465. Can you prove your partnership with Tayyar?
  466. I will prove it.
  467. I have all the phone calls between us registered.
  468. All the papers and business we had together…
  469. They are all hidden in a safe outside the country.
  470. I have them all in my hands.
  471. But we need them all.
  472. Wait a minute.
  473. You need to show me what kind of mercy you'll bestow on me.
  474. After that, if I am convinced,
  475. I’ll give them to you.
  476. Ok. But you need to tell the Prosecutor as well.
  477. I'll tell him.
  478. Promise.
  479. If you aren't feeling well, we can call a doctor.
  480. I want Filiz. To see Filiz is enough for me.
  481. I only need her. Bring her to me.
  482. OK. OK. I'll bring Filiz.
  483. OK, Elif. Let's go quickly.
  484. I promise.
  485. What do you say?
  486. The things she will tell us. Will it help us?
  487. Elif, I think the case is already closed!
  488. They both will rot inside.
  489. So, justice will prevail.
  490. At last, my love, we did it!
  491. We suffered a lot, endured a lot of pain. We aged 1000 years, but we did it!
  492. Come on!
  493. Where are you going, lovers?
  494. Don’t ask, Brother. We couldn’t stay downstairs anymore, so we decided to come here and talk!
  495. Brother, could it be…
  496. Exactly, brother!
  497. We have a witness inside who is going to talk.
  498. And evidence that will lead us to Tayyar…
  499. How did you succeed in making her talk?
  500. We did everything, and we couldn’t.
  501. I had a very good partner.
  502. Anyway, let’s keep it between us.
  503. We have an advantage, but we haven’t scored a goal yet.
  504. Tayyar already knows Nedret is here.
  505. He will try to quiet her.
  506. He will even try to close her mouth, Brother.
  507. We have already moved out many corpses from this interrogation room.
  508. That’s right.
  509. Don’t worry, Brother, no one will know except for us.
  510. We won’t even allow anyone in we can trust.
  511. I am going there.
  512. I will go take Filiz.
  513. Elif!
  514. Be careful!
  515. You too.
  516. Pelo, I will call the judge. You call the prosecutor.
  517. Explain to them!
  518. Come on, let’s start. Come on.
  519. Filiz, why are you staying at this hotel?
  520. Why did you leave our home?
  521. Do I have the right to stay there still?
  522. Of course, we are cousins!
  523. You can stay with us as long as you want. You know that!
  524. Right, but I haven’t thought about it at all!
  525. Thank you, but it’s better if I stay alone with myself a little bit longer.
  526. I understand you. The things we learned shocked you!
  527. Trust me, I don’t know what to think or feel about my aunt anymore!
  528. Now she is at the department, and she is ruined.
  529. The only good word she is saying is your name. She wants to see you.
  530. I don’t know, Elif. I don’t know.
  531. You’re right.
  532. I can’t insist.
  533. My aunt probably doesn’t feel sorry for the things she’s done. Probably never will.
  534. But I know she feels very sorry that she couldn’t be your mother.
  535. I thought you probably would want to see her as your mother.
  536. I thought you would want to hug her from the bottom of your heart.
  537. Perhaps you would want to call her “Mom”…
  538. My offense is not only about her not telling me the truth, Elif!
  539. I was next to her for years on end!
  540. Years on end I looked into her eyes with adoration.
  541. But she was different. Someone else.
  542. When she spoke to me about humanity, she was dissolute of love, and she dared to kill her brother for revenge!
  543. She was so cruel. She ordered the murder of an innocent woman, and she left a small child without his mother!
  544. Who shall I go and hug now, Elif?
  545. Whom shall I call “Mom”?
  546. Nedret who?
  547. What’s going on?
  548. You have a call - your lawyer!
  549. Talk!
  550. I have been trying for hours to reach her!
  551. Mrs. Nedret is giving her testimony. She will speak.
  552. The interrogation will be in front of the judge and the prosecutor.
  553. Do something, lawyer. Do something!
  554. Kill Nedret! Don’t let a word come out of her mouth! Kill her!
  555. It’s not possible. She’s guarded!
  556. After all the deaths in the interrogation room, Commissar Demir won’t let anyone in there.
  557. We don’t have a possibility to act.
  558. What are you saying, lawyer? What are you saying?
  559. We are up to here, Mr. Tayyar. I will try to find another way.
  560. Elif?
  561. Filiz didn’t come?
  562. Where is she?
  563. I went and spoke to her, but she didn’t want to come.
  564. Welcome, gentlemen.
  565. Why aren’t you waiting for the case, Chief Commissar?
  566. The case went on.
  567. Sir, while we were investigating the murder of Commissar Ipek, we received some information.
  568. I wanted to share that information with you immediately.
  569. If you accept it, it can change everything.
  570. You brought me here at this hour. It had better be like you say.
  571. It will be worth it, sir. It will be worth it.
  572. Go on.
  573. They better not do that in vain, we will trust Commissar Omer.
  574. Although everything seems to be a bit unbelievable…
  575. Please, sir.
  576. Pass in front of us, please.
  577. Mrs. Nedret, this gentleman is Judge Hantur, and this is Prosecutor Tayfun Ardal.
  578. I told them about our agreement.
  579. If you help us, they will take it into consideration throughout your case.
  580. I understand.
  581. You told us about collaborating with Tayyar Dundar!
  582. In money laundering and the organ trafficking…
  583. You told us you would tell everything,
  584. and that you can prove it with evidence that will serve the court.
  585. Is that correct?
  586. Where is the evidence you are talking about?
  587. May we see it?
  588. She said it is abroad.
  589. Mrs. Nedret, what can you tell us about the murders Tayyar Dundar committed
  590. that Commissar Omer is talking about?
  591. Tayyar
  592. Dundar…
  593. Mrs.Nedret…
  594. Mrs. Nedret, are you all right?
  595. Hold on, Brother.
  596. Arda, Brother, call an ambulance!
  597. Call an ambulance!
  598. Mrs. Nedret!
  599. Catin, give me your phone! I must call an ambulance! I must call an ambulance!
  600. Damn it!
  601. What is the situation?
  602. Her heart stopped twice!
  603. I performed a massage, and it recovered.
  604. Is the hall ready?
  605. Yes, it is.
  606. Quickly, come on!
  607. Please, hurry up!
  608. Elif, are you ok?
  609. I don’t know what to feel.
  610. Come, let’s sit here.
  611. Do you want some water?
  612. Drink some water.
  613. Will she die?
  614. She will live. Your aunt will live, Elif.
  615. She is obliged to live.
  616. This is our last chance.
  617. This time it won’t slip from our fingers.
  618. Doctor, how is she?
  619. We stabilized her.
  620. But there’s still a danger to her life.
  621. We did everything possible.
  622. Now we have to wait.
  623. Will she live?
  624. It depends on how she responds to treatment.
  625. Get well soon.
  626. Are you Ms. Filiz?
  627. No, I am the niece.
  628. She wants to see Ms. Filiz.
  629. She is constantly saying here name.
  630. Can we see her?
  631. Fine, but only for a short time, please.
  632. Come on, Elif.
  633. As I told you - keep it short, please.
  634. Filiz…
  635. Aunt, how could you ruin yourself and us like this?
  636. Daughter?
  637. Mrs. Nedret?
  638. Can you hear us?
  639. Mrs. Nedret, where did you hide the evidence abroad?
  640. where did you hide the evidence abroad?
  641. Omer, what’s happening?
  642. Damn it!
  643. Omer! What’s happening?
  644. Nurse, doctor!
  645. Elif, come.
  646. We will perform heart massage.
  647. Prepare electroshock.
  648. 100 ampers.
  649. Ready.
  650. Now.
  651. Turn it off.
  652. Doctor, try once again.
  653. Please. She must live!
  654. Look, mister, we did everything that can be done.
  655. Unfortunately, we couldn’t save her.
  656. My condolences.
  657. Damn it!
  658. Hour of death
  659. Cause of death…
  660. No!
  661. Mrs. Nedret didn’t die! Is that clear?
  662. No one else, except for who’s present in this room, will know about it. Is that clear?
  663. No one!
  664. Hello?
  665. Why aren’t you calling me, man?
  666. Why aren’t you calling? What’s going on outside?
  667. Did Nedret talk?
  668. The only thing I managed to learn is that Mrs. Nedret felt bad in the middle of the interrogation.
  669. They took her to the hospital.
  670. Which hospital? Learn that right away!
  671. Don’t het her leave that hospital healthy!
  672. Deal with this immediately! Understand?
  673. I am trying to understand, Mr. Tayyar.
  674. What is our prosecutor saying?
  675. Did Nedret talk?
  676. Did she tell everything?
  677. The prosecutor doesn’t want to meet me.
  678. It is clear that Commissar Omer talked with him and the judge.
  679. He suspects that the prosecutor is our man.
  680. Do what you have to do, but meet that man. I want you to learn if Nedret talked.
  681. Come on, quickly, quickly!
  682. This will remain with me. The other one is ruined.
  683. You will receive the money and your phone in the morning. Come on.
  684. Omer! Omer, where are you going?
  685. Omer, I am talking to you. What do you have in mind?
  686. I was just thinking we would solve this dirt, and it slipped out of my hands again.
  687. Elif, I can’t do it! I wont allow it!
  688. I can’t allow it when I am so close!
  689. This dishonorable man will receive what he earned. I can’t allow it!
  690. Omer, stop!
  691. Whatever you’re thinking, come and let’s talk first.
  692. Elif, we’re not going to talk. It’s over. It’s over.
  693. Omer, what are you going to do?
  694. Tell me, what are you going to do?
  695. Elif, go inside and don’t let anyone in.
  696. Is that clear?
  697. Oguz, you won’t let anyone in!
  698. Is that clear?
  699. Understood, Chief Commissar.
  700. Do as I told you, my love.
  701. Friends, how lucky is this, Tayyar?
  702. I am afraid he might have finished her like he finished the organ transplant doctor.
  703. You don't think we should have carried the woman in our pocket and walked around?
  704. I don’t think so.
  705. Omer is coming.
  706. What did you do, Brother?
  707. As I said, no one knows, except the doctor and the nurse inside.
  708. What are you planning?
  709. Friends, if we don't finish this tonight, Tayyar will be saved.
  710. Whatever we do - justice will not be served.
  711. I know what I am proposing is outside the law and inhumane.
  712. That's why I am not forcing you to accept it.
  713. You’re not obliged.
  714. But whatever your decision, I shall do it on my own and get it over with.
  715. Look, Brother...
  716. Brother, some people should not live in this world.
  717. This man is a monster.
  718. As long as he lives innocent people will continuously get hurt. He won't stop.
  719. Elif and I, my family - we will never be happy.
  720. He has to pay.
  721. Will you help me?
  722. Pelo, is it ready?
  723. They will tell me from inside, don’t worry.
  724. The prison boss is leaving late. It looks like he had to do an extra shift.
  725. His wife will be angry with him.
  726. I am sure Tayyar made him do the extra shift.
  727. A text came.
  728. We are going in.
  729. Friends, thank you.
  730. You can’t go inside, nurse!
  731. But we must control the condition of the sick!
  732. The sick lady is fine. The doctor is informed about this.
  733. A very important interrogation is going on inside.
  734. I can’t let anyone inside!
  735. But the sick lady’s life…
  736. Let us finish our job, and then you can go inside and see the condition of the sick lady.
  737. What do you mean that you couldn’t get inside!
  738. What do you mean?!
  739. An interrogation is going on inside.
  740. A policeman is standing in front of the door. No one is let inside.
  741. You will get inside! You will!
  742. Get inside! Give that injection and kill that woman!
  743. Otherwise, I will throw your corpse on the state dunghill! Just so you know!
  744. Which cell is he in?
    - Number 130.
  745. You haven’t seen me, nor have I seen you.
  746. Is it off?
    - Inspector Pelin arranged everything.
  747. I borrowed this.
  748. What are you doing here?
  749. Guard! - Shh.
  750. Easy. Easy.
  751. I’ve come to tell you the happy news
    myself. - You have no right to be here.
  752. How dare you? Who let you in?
  753. There are corrupt people
    among us who work for you.
  754. You have been drawing your strength
    and impudence from them, right?
  755. We catch your people, but the prosecutors
    working for you let them go like that!
  756. But, what about now?
    We’re alone.
  757. What do you want from me?
  758. I told you
  759. I’m bringing you happy news.
  760. Tayyar… this story
    has a happy ending.
  761. You’re talking crap. All you
    have is Nedret who’s dying.
  762. Whatever she tells you,
    you cannot prove it.
  763. You’ve always underestimated me.
  764. You’ve always underestimated me.
    But this is the last time.
  765. By the way, Nedret told us everything.
  766. She gave us proof, too.
  767. She had recorded everything
    in case you and she fell out.
  768. All your signatures and all
    your phone conversations.
  769. What she told us will be of great use to
    the Department against Organized Crime,
  770. Financial Crime, and Homicide.You’ve
    got all their attention.
  771. People you worked with
    will testify in court.
  772. Don’t trust that proof so much, inspector,
  773. because it may explode in your hands.
  774. You seem to forget how important
    the judge’s view is of the events.
  775. You’re very poorly informed about the
    judicial system in this country.
  776. I’ll do my time, and it will be over.
    - Wrong!
  777. There is such a thing
    as a just court.
  778. There are fair and honorable
    judges in this country.
  779. There are those who make people like
    you afraid, and who cannot be bought.
  780. Tayyar, start talking.
  781. You’ve come to the
    end of the road.
  782. It’s all a lie. If it were true,
    you wouldn’t be here.
  783. You would be spitefully
    laughing at me in court.
  784. I will… I will - don’t worry. I will laugh.
  785. Ah, if you don’t believe me,
  786. call your lawyer and ask him.
    Let’s see if it’s true or not.
  787. I see you are really
    comfortable here.
  788. Call and ask him. Come on.
  789. Hello? What’s up, any new developments?
    - Mister Tayyar, the situation is very bad.
  790. Our worst fears have become true.
  791. Nedret told the police
    everything and gave them proof.
  792. The prosecutor has requested
    a new court session.
  793. In other words, everything starts again.
  794. Find someone and get it fixed.
  795. Things are different now.
    No one wants to help.
  796. A lot of people will be investigated.
    No one wants to help us.
  797. In other words, we have
    no one inside to help us.
  798. And what should we do?
  799. The most reasonable thing would be to
    confess everything. Say you repent.
  800. But you should know you most likely
    won’t avoid a life sentence.
  801. Actually, I don’t want to give
    you false hope. It’s impossible.
  802. God damn you! This is all
    because of your stupidity!
  803. You need to understand,
    Tayyar – it’s all over.
  804. Who is it?
    - Miss Elif, it’s me, Oguz.
  805. I’ll go to the toilet if that’s okay.
    5 minutes.
  806. Okay, but don’t be long.
    - Sure, don’t worry.
  807. She’s dead.
  808. Get out now. Leave me alone.
  809. I’m not done yet.
  810. You got what you wanted, inspector.
  811. You managed to catch me and prove my guilt.
    You have finished me.
  812. I have to spend my life in prison.
    If you can call it life.
  813. Like a caged animal…
    I will never get out of here.
  814. But that doesn’t make me happy.
  815. What more do you want, eh?
  816. I want you dead.
  817. Come on! Please, pick up!
  818. Mister Tayyar, the woman is dead.
  819. So, there’s nothing left to talk about, eh?
  820. Do it yourself, or I’ll do it.
  821. You have arranged everything, inspector.
  822. You even have my belt. So, it’s
    going to look like a suicide, eh?
  823. If you worked for me, we
    would achieve so much.
  824. You would be very rich.
  825. I’m richer than you, Tayyar.
    I know how to love.
  826. Empty talk.
  827. The man in front of you lost
    – of course, you would talk.
  828. You won; I lost.
  829. Do one honorable thing in your life.
  830. Kill yourself, so those
    living can breathe easily.
  831. Only death can put an end
    to the pain of defeat.
  832. You are taller.
  833. You’re going to stay here and watch?
  834. You’re not leaving until
    it’s all over, are you?
  835. You’re going to check if I’m dead.
  836. If I were you, I’d do the same.
  837. Whatever.
  838. At least, I’m not
    going to die alone.
  839. I know I was defeated
    by a very clever enemy.
  840. That, of course, is my consolation prize.
  841. You and I are so alike.
  842. We’re both very smart
    and very strong.
  843. One of us is white,
    the other – black.
  844. Omer…
  845. It’s over.
  846. He made me go through that, too.
  847. It’s all over.
  848. Elif, it’s me.
  849. Is it over?
  850. Did you kill him?
  851. Each day my enemy lived was a stain
    on my dignity that had to be cleaned.
  852. Elif, I had no choice.
  853. Did you really do it?
  854. I didn’t put the noose
    around his neck,
  855. but I made him do it.
  856. I left him no choice,
    but to kill himself.
  857. I watched him die.
  858. Shocking suicide of the
    businessman Tayyar Dundar
  859. If you keep getting into trouble,
    we’ll put you back in lock up.
  860. Did you miss me, Grandpa? - Of course,
    I did. I cannot be without you, Boy.
  861. You won’t miss me anymore, because
    you and I are gonna rot in here.
  862. Look, Boy… - What?
  863. You didn’t love your father;
    you prayed that he’d die.
  864. What he did to you is beyond words,
    but he still was your father.
  865. Grandpa, why do you have to mention
    his name? I wish he were dead.
  866. My condolences. He’s already dead.
  867. To be honest,
  868. I thought I’d dance with
    happiness, but I feel weird.
  869. Have a look.
  870. He hanged himself in his cell.
  871. Is the news in all the papers yet?
  872. How do you feel?
  873. I’m fine… I guess.
    - You couldn’t sleep, could you?
  874. Don’t worry, I’m okay.
    - I’ll keep worrying.
  875. I’ll keep worrying a lot about you.
  876. Because you’re too clean to be
    able to handle all this dirt.
  877. Your conscience is your compass.
  878. It’s over, Elif. We’re safe now.
    Tayyar’s dead and my brother’s in jail.
  879. I don’t think Fatih can hurt us anymore.
    It’s all over.
  880. It’s not over, Omer. It’s not over.
  881. Remorse will kill you.
    You think I don’t see it?
  882. This is not a bad thing.
  883. On the contrary, it’s better like
    that, because this is how you are.
  884. Yes, I’m not denying it.
  885. What can I do?
    - Don’t do anything. Don’t.
  886. What do you mean “Don’t do it”? - Omer,
    there will always be criminals and killers.
  887. Whenever you catch or have to kill one,
    you’ll give up a piece of yourself.
  888. And the conscience that’s burning
    you now will go to sleep.
  889. You’ll change.
  890. You’ve been looking at me
    differently since last night.
  891. Like a man I don’t know
    and don’t understand.
  892. It scares me a lot.
  893. While trying to destroy
    these people’s lives,
  894. you’ll destroy us.
    Don’t you understand?
  895. We will never find peace.
  896. Elif, what are you saying?
  897. Quit your job.
  898. Leave the police.
  899. Are you joking?
  900. What else could I do at
    this point in my life?
  901. What other job can I do? This is my job!
  902. And you are my dream, Omer!
  903. As long as you keep doing this
    job, we can never be happy.
  904. Never.
  905. 1 week later
  906. Elif, come now. Come, come. Sit down.
  907. Now. First, this. Here.
  908. Pelo… - One moment.
  909. No one say anything; no one move.
    This is the first one.
  910. Should it be this one? Or that one?
  911. Well, they are both beautiful.
    They are both great. The same.
  912. The same?
  913. Arda, one is long, the other one – short.
    Don’t you see?
  914. Good God, why am I marrying you? You
    can’t even tell long from short.
  915. So, now you’re not getting married?
  916. We are, sweetheart, we are. I’ll marry
    him even if it were only for you, okay?
  917. Buddy, she’s already using the child!
    That’s no way to behave.
  918. Buddy, shouldn’t we be getting ready
    for our roles of groom and best man?
  919. Buy bow-ties, look at suits. Right?
    Get up. Get up or I’ll die.
  920. Right, the bow-ties.
  921. One moment, one moment.
    We still have a lot to do.
  922. Omer?
  923. We need to call all the people
    on this list by tonight
  924. to avoid problems
    with the wedding.
  925. Elif, we called everyone yesterday, right?
  926. Yes, but we need to be sure. I’d like to
    call them again. What’s the big deal?
  927. We’ll do what we have to do.
  928. Look, bes men don’t get tired, don’t
    complain, and don’t get bored.
  929. Right, they don’t complain.
  930. Okay, Bro, let’s go and call these
    people, and then enjoy our freedom.
  931. No one’s chaining anyone, Omer.
  932. Yeah, I wish it were true.
  933. Life would be more beautiful.
  934. Look, Boy, you’re exaggerating.
    Come and sit here.
  935. Exaggerating? I’m exaggerating?
  936. What was that, Buddy? Wasn’t it
    supposed to be a quick wedding?
  937. Wasn’t it supposed to be just
    Pelo and me and you and Elif?
  938. We were just going
    to sign the papers.
  939. Even relatives I haven’t seen for
    40 years are coming to the wedding!
  940. Well, you’ll have to put
    up with it, Mister Groom.
  941. What did you do?
    Did you solve the problem?
  942. The problem?
  943. The problem has become an elephant.
  944. It lives with us in our living room.
  945. We haven’t talked about it since that day,
  946. but she knows my sick leave ends
    today, and I have to go back to work.
  947. In other words, there’s a
    silent war between us.
  948. Did you start calling the people
    on the list? - We did… we did.
  949. Did you call Ozkan Muz?
    - I did.
  950. I’m going to the office,
    and then I’ll be back.
  951. Okay, I’ll drive you there.
    Then, I’ll drop by the station.
  952. Okay.
  953. Buddy, you can handle that.
    - Okay, Buddy, you go.
  954. Leave us alone in the house
    with the wedding preparations.
  955. I think you should enjoy it. You’re
    marrying the woman you love.
  956. This is one of the best days of your life.
    - I wish you the same, Miss Elif.
  957. We’re getting late. See you later.
    - Okay, see you.
  958. Arda, come on, we have to
    go to the hairdresser’s.
  959. I’m coming, dear.
  960. You have an hour.
  961. You thought I wasn’t coming, right?
    - And you surprised me again.
  962. Let’s see if you’re going to give me the
    world or dump it on my head, beautiful.
  963. My condolences. - Thank you.
  964. This proves that good things can happen.
    Like the good things that happened to us.
  965. Why did you do it, Fatih?
  966. Beautiful, I swear it was in self-defense.
  967. Look, if I hadn’t been quick enough,
    I wouldn’t be looking in your eyes now.
  968. All I could think of were you and our baby.
  969. Tayyar Dundar took everything away from me.
  970. I was dreaming of a simple life.
  971. Do you believe me? - I know; I believe
    you. Call it bad luck if you want.
  972. What happened to us, the
    people who were hurt,
  973. Omer and Elif’s pain – call
    it what you like, Fatih.
  974. There’s no happiness for us!
  975. The lawyer said you’ll lie in
    here for at least 30 years.
  976. Our child will be a grown-up by then.
  977. Yes, I’d wait for you, but
    life won’t wait for us.
  978. Will you be long?
  979. No, Pelin will get ready at our place.
    I’ll be done in an hour.
  980. Where are you going?
    - I’ll drop by the station.
  981. Okay, see you later.
  982. See you.
  983. Omer, don’t you care about what
    I told you, or is your answer no?
  984. Elif, please.
    - Please what? I say ‘please’.
  985. Are you going to the station to
    resign or to start work again?
  986. I got my answer, thank you.
  987. Boy, is it okay like that?
  988. Grandpa, you’re going there to
    hear about your life sentence.
  989. What do you care about a tie?
  990. Why are you saying this? Someone may come.
    I have to look good.
  991. You mean, you still have hopes
    about your family. Bravo.
  992. Maybe they’ll come, Son. I’ll be waiting.
  993. Why do you hit on a sore spot?
    Are you trying to hurt me?
  994. Don’t pay attention to me, Grandpa.
  995. I was just trying to drive out my pain.
  996. I’m cursing the glamorous
    future before you and me.
  997. Huseyin Demir, let’s go get your papers.
  998. U-huh.
  999. Grandma, I cannot believe it.
  1000. You made mom call the lawyer to
    find out about his situation.
  1001. I thought he was dead to you.
  1002. Thank you so much. Have a nice day.
  1003. One day, when you are a mother,
    you’ll understand, my girl.
  1004. You punish your child, but then
    you go to your room and cry.
  1005. You won’t know until you become a mother.
  1006. What did the lawyer say?
    - The decision is today.
  1007. I wish he would get a death sentence.
    That’s what he deserves.
  1008. He would die, and we would be rid of him.
  1009. You’re angry that your
    father took a life,
  1010. but now you wish his
    life would be taken too.
  1011. What kind of balance
    is that, huh?
  1012. God gives life, and
    only God can take it.
  1013. Elif, can I come in? - Come, come,
    I was just drawing some things.
  1014. We know those things.
    They saved the company.
  1015. Want a drink? - No, nothing. I want to talk
    to you about something, and then I’m going.
  1016. What’s up? Is there a problem? - No, no.
  1017. You know I got my degree. Thanks
    to you, I have a degree now.
  1018. You’re the one who passed the exams,
    not me. You deserve your degree.
  1019. Elif, I don’t want you to think
    that I’m being ungrateful,
  1020. but I need to look ahead,
    and I have my own dreams.
  1021. And because of these dreams, I
    want more responsibilities.
  1022. That’s why I have come here to talk to you.
    - Mert,
  1023. you know I don’t need to say this.
    This is a family business,
  1024. and you’re part of the family.
  1025. Asli and I talked about it,
  1026. but after my aunt’s death, the
    distribution of shares changed.
  1027. I wanted it to be officially
    announced, but you’ve beat me to it.
  1028. We’d like to make you an assistant
    manager of your department.
  1029. I mean, if you want to work with
    us, we have a position for you.
  1030. Of course! I would love that, Elif.
    - Then congratulations to you.
  1031. Of course, I do, Elif.
  1032. Congratulations then.
  1033. Thank you Elif.
  1034. Really, thank you very much.
    - No problem.
  1035. May your work be easy!
    - Thanks!
  1036. Mert, you couldn’t have called
    at a better time. I need you so much.
  1037. What is it, little one? Did something bad happened?
    – No, I just miss you so much. That is all.
  1038. Just a little more patience, my love. You are
    talking to one of the managers of Denizer Holding.
  1039. The question about my career is solved.
    -Are you serious? You became a manager?
  1040. Yes! Now, there is only one thing
    missing - to come and ask for your hand.
  1041. When I solve it, I will come and show your mother how serious my intentions are.
    -Don't wait to buy me an expensive ring, ok?
  1042. Buy something cheap and come now.
    All I want is for my mother to stop talking.
  1043. This is your new office. Your
    desk is ready and waiting for you.
  1044. Come and meet your team.
    Hello, friends.
  1045. - Hello.
    - Hello.
  1046. Friends, today an honest and
    dignified chief commissar is coming to our unit;
  1047. one who even put handcuffs on his own brother' s
    arms when he became a felon.
  1048. Let me introduce to you – Omer Demir.
  1049. Welcome, Chief Commissar Omer. My name is Fehmi.
    - Nice to meet you.
  1050. Welcome, Chief Commissar Omer. My name is Mirai.
    - Nice to meet you.
  1051. Omer Abi, it is an honor to work with you.
    Thank you, my friend.
  1052. I am happy to work with you, too.
  1053. We are investigating a case involving money laundering
    in a jewelry store located in Istanbul Bazaar.
  1054. I was looking forward to you coming here. You managed
    to catch Tayyar Dundar, who was at the top of this organization.
  1055. Now, it is time for us to find those small groups
    Tayyar formed for this business. Let us start.
  1056. Let us start then.
  1057. Elif, have you thought this through carefully?
    Are you sure? Because ... - I am sure Asli. I am sure.
  1058. He has not slept for days since Tayyar died. He is destroyed.
    He paid heavily for this. It'll never end.
  1059. There will be another Tayyar, and
    Omer will continue to pay heavy prices.
  1060. OK. OK. What will the guy do? Is it that easy?
  1061. Omer identifies himself by the kind of work that he does.
    He loves his work. His work is who he is.
  1062. What will he do from now on? Even
    I can see that. Why can't you see it, Elif?
  1063. Of course, I see it, Asli. How can I not?
  1064. But, how can I wrap my arms around a manwho becomes
    more distant every time he makes a man kill himself,
    but also loves people so much?
  1065. I thought Tayyar would, die and everything would be over.
    But, bravo. Even the death of the man has come between you.
  1066. Elif…think carefully. Think carefully about what you are
    giving up and why. These are my final words to you.
  1067. We think that everyone who
    works in the bazaar is involved in this.
  1068. Or they are obliged to buy someone who
    is at the head of this.We can't make anyone talk.
  1069. We know that the packages are coming
    from there, but we have no proof of it.
  1070. Is there no evidence whatsoever? Not even something small?
    The man mastered it at the highest level for it to be that well-hidden.
  1071. They are trafficking the diamonds
    in various ways - mostly using this method.
  1072. Look, sir.
  1073. What's this doing with you?
  1074. This is rather strange, but...
  1075. I found this lighter when I was a kid.
  1076. {\i1}Abi, you are shaking it too much. You will spill it again.
    - It will be ok. Dad will not be angry at us, Omer.
  1077. {\i1}He will not be angry, but he will be hungry.
    Isn't that shameful? -Come on, run.
  1078. {\i1}Doesn't dad go to pray at this time?
    The door is open!
  1079. {\i1}Father!...Father!...Open your eyes, Father!
  1080. {\i1}Help! Father! Help!
  1081. {\i1}Daddy?
  1082. I have always believed that this lighter
    belonged to the person who killed my father.
  1083. Because my father didn't smoke.
    My dad's murder was unresolved.
  1084. When I entered the academy, I asked to take
    possession of this lighter. It's been with me ever since.
  1085. I always thought
    I'd find my dad's killer one day.
  1086. Today is that day Bash Commissar.
    Fate didn't bring you here for nothing.
  1087. I think you are now much
    closer to finding your dad's killer.
  1088. Considering the evidence and the witnesses’ statements.
    I request that the convicted be sentenced to the same sentence as before.
  1089. Huseyin Demir...
  1090. I am asking you for the last time.
    If you want, you may remain silent.
  1091. But I don't want you to claim that you weren't given a chance.
    If there is something you want to say, this is your chance.
  1092. Your Honour, I turned a blind eye
    to {\i1\b0}"you reap what you sow"…{\i0\b1}
  1093. I learned that from my father.
    But I shut down that voice inside me.
  1094. All that's been written against me is true.
  1095. I have no objection.
    I willingly accept my punishment.
  1096. My decision:
  1097. Huseyin Demir is responsible for the murder of
    Ahmet Denizer, Sibel Andac, and Bahar Shinar.
  1098. These murders were carried out deliberately and with
    criminal intent. For this reason, he'll serve life imprisonment
    with hard labor in accordance with Turkish law.
  1099. Too many questions in your head with
    what you've found in this dossier. Good luck.
  1100. Thank you, sir!
  1101. Sir!
  1102. My dad had a worker.
    Ismat…he has a jewelry shop.
  1103. He's our friend. We meet
    as a family regularly, but not recently.
  1104. I am thinking perhaps
    I should ask him again about the lighter.
  1105. With what you have found - maybe
    we can come to a conclusion together.
  1106. Good idea. Keep me informed.
  1107. Pelin.
  1108. Elif, I lost my necklace. I can't find the necklace.
    – Wait, I will help you, Pelin. Wait!
  1109. I told Arda so many times to be careful
    when he spread my dress around.
  1110. There is no problem; we will take care of it.
    No, it is enough that Arda’s house is filled with his family and relatives.
  1111. Mine are set up in my house, and you did us a favor
    by letting us use your house and troubling you.
  1112. Thank you, Elif. -Pelin, don't mention it.
    You would have done the same thing.
  1113. Here, I found the necklace.
  1114. Arda has exquisite taste…
    Because you designed it.
  1115. But he chose it
    without any interference from me.
  1116. Yes...
  1117. You are a beautiful bride.
    Elif, today is the most beautiful day of my life.
  1118. You had a lot to do with this happiness. Thanks.
  1119. Very little time left.
    Is Omer here?
  1120. – No, not yet.
  1121. Can there be a wedding without a witness?
    Where is he? Ah, Omer! Ah, Omer!
  1122. Good Luck!
    – Welcome, Omer Abi.
  1123. Nice to see you. Is Ismet here?
    He went to Fahretin Abi’s to have some coffee. Shall I call him?
  1124. That would be good, If you don't feel hard.
  1125. Abi, do you want anything?
    – No, no, don't trouble yourself. Mind your work.
  1126. What is this picture?
  1127. We recently put those pictures. Those are Ismet's parents.
    The boss loves them so much. May God give them long life.
  1128. Amin… Amin.
  1129. It seems silly when you are taking these pictures,
    but years later they are a great memory.
  1130. You take care of your work.
  1131. {\i1}May God give you a long life, Elvan Abla.
    There is nothing. It wasn’t given to strangers.
  1132. {\i1}You grew up with Burhan. He taught you everything you know.
    You have a right to this place. You will continue on his path.
  1133. {\i1}I hope that he will not embarrass you.
    - I am sure that he will not.
  1134. {\i1}If somehow Burhan is watching us, he will be happy
    to know that I gave you the store. He loved you so much.
  1135. Oh, my dear Omer. Welcome, Omer!
  1136. Why did you kill my father? What did you want from him?
    {\i1}- Omer Abi, what are you doing?{\i0}- Stay out of this! Stay out of this!
  1137. My father gave you a job! He gave you hope!...
    He gave you a trade.
  1138. Is this how you paid him back? By killing him?
    Speak or I will kill you! I will kill you!
  1139. You finally found your father's killer. Huh,Omer
  1140. Do you remember when you were a child,
    you came to me and told me that when you grew up
  1141. you’d become a policeman and find the man
    who killed your father ?You finally found him.
  1142. - Why did you kill my father?
  1143. Because your father did not want
    to get into the illegal business.
  1144. He learned about everything that was going on
    inside the bazaar and wanted to go to the police.
  1145. The others decided that he had to be taken out,
    and they decided that I should kill him.
  1146. They offered me money and they told me that I would
    be rich - that they would give me my own shop if I helped them.
  1147. God damn me! I was so young. They put money
    in front of me! More than I’d ever seen, Omer!
  1148. Daddy, look at you! So handsome.Come on, knock on the door and
    put the jewelry on her. Let me take my loved one home. Come on!
  1149. Son, let the youngsters have some fun.
  1150. Daddy, we are disturbing the entire street.
    Please. Come on, knock on that door.
  1151. I will not. I will dance
    in front of my daughter-in-law’s door.
  1152. Stop, Dad. For God’s sake, stop!
    Come on, Dad… please knock on the door. Please.
  1153. Elif, my girl. Is my daughter-in-law ready?
    – Yes, she is. Come on in.
  1154. Welcome.
  1155. – Ah, as if you don't know each other. You will give blessings later.
    We will be late. Look, I have prepared the rice. Come on.
  1156. Yes, Father, come on. We are getting late.
    - You deserve the best, my child.
  1157. Let me help you.
  1158. - Thank you, but why did you trouble yourself?
    That is not enough for you. There’s more at the wedding.
  1159. Where are your parents?
    They are at the salon greeting the guests.
  1160. I see. Those are the customs, ha?
    - His mother.
  1161. Come, my love.
    Let me pass.
  1162. Where is Omer?
    - He is still not here.
  1163. One minute, please.
    I haven’t thrown the rice yet.
  1164. What is that, girl? They will split
    pomegranate on the ground. It is the custom.
  1165. Hit it hard, my child, so that you will have luck
    and prosperity in the house.
  1166. Don't. You may stain your dress. Don't!
  1167. Asli!
  1168. My love, go on – either smash it on the ground or
    give it to us to eat, because we are late. Look.
  1169. You kept your promise.
  1170. Now you will read the prayers at his
    grave in peace. -Get inside!
  1171. - For years I was in hell
    because of my conscience.
  1172. Burhan was the best person in the world,
    like you. Forgive me, Omer.
  1173. You left two children without a father. You left my mother a widow.
    You wrote our destiny.Why do you ask for forgiveness?
  1174. Get in the car! Get inside!
  1175. Take him to the station, and get him ready
    for the investigation. I will be there in a while.
  1176. Thank you very much.
    Thank you for coming.
  1177. Look, Mom. Pelin is so beautiful. Mashallah!
  1178. I hope they will give them enough gold
    so they can pay for this wedding.
  1179. Thank you for coming.
  1180. Nilu, take some rest.
    Maybe you will feel better.
  1181. Asli, I am not feeling well. Tell Pelin that I am
    so sorry thatI can't stay and give my present to her.
  1182. Ok, go. We will talk on the phone.
  1183. Mother Elvan, have you seen Yagiz?
    - He is here running around.
  1184. My darling, how many people are we going to kiss?
    And we still haven't gotten married to kiss each other.
  1185. Arda, the state officer is waiting to marry you
    . He has another ceremony to attend.
  1186. There is still time, Buddy. Plus,
    I can’t get married without my best friend.
  1187. The man has a point, Buddy. He said that
    he has to be on time for the other ceremony.
  1188. I don't understand, Buddy.
    We will wait for my best friend.
  1189. - Is there a problem?
  1190. He is not answering his phone;
    otherwise, I would resolve my problem…
  1191. I will talk to Omer. Arda, we should not wait with
    the ceremony any longer. You’d better find another witness.
  1192. I will be the only witness and the best man to the groom.
    – Bravo, Devrem! Where were you?
  1193. Forgive me, I had urgent business to take care of, and I could not come earlier.
    We were to meet at the barber shop. What happened?
  1194. Buddy, aren't you a policeman, too?
    Haven't you ever been late?
  1195. Ok, then. If everyone is ready, go
    take your seats, and let me put the music on.
  1196. Don't be late.
  1197. You are very beautiful.
    Aren’t you going to say hello, Signorina?
  1198. Hello!
  1199. Ladies and gentleman, we are here to witness
    the marriage of these two young people.
  1200. Do you, Pelin Serdar, take
    Arda Solak to be your husband?
  1201. - I do!
  1202. Do you, Arda Solak,
    take Pelin Serdar to be your wife?
  1203. - I do!
  1204. Do you witness their wishes?
  1205. - I will.
  1206. Yes!
  1207. Pelo, step on his foot!
  1208. - What are you doing, Buddy!
  1209. Do you know what hurts me the most?
    I expected them to come.
  1210. But who would come to see a
    disgraceful man like me?
  1211. A person wouldn’t want to admit that
    he has the same blood as me.
  1212. I looked into the judge's eye on my own and
    said to myself that this is what I deserve.
  1213. Don't die, but suffer the pain day by day
    and hour by hour, you low life.
  1214. Tayyar Dundar called you an Arabesque man.
    Didn't he, Grandpa? And when you start crying, you do it so well.
  1215. And he said life at hard labor. As it is,
    we are between four walls. What hard labor?
  1216. Don't know, Grandpa - don't know.
    What is it you don't know?
  1217. You'll leave tomorrow and get your punishment.
    Buy plenty of beads and let's glorify God.
  1218. It's not my intention to glorify with beads, Grandpa.
    I want to see my kid grow up.
  1219. Now, help me to escape.
  1220. Take it easy. Who are you going
    to depend on to help you escape?
  1221. Your men have run away. Just hope
    we are alive returning from the bathroom here.
  1222. If we cooperate, we can find a way.
    Let's do it together, Grandpa....I am serious. Help me…
  1223. When you look at me like that, I die at that moment.
    And afterward, I am reborn. Do you know why?
  1224. When your eyes touch mine,
    you kill me once more.
  1225. No one dies, Commissar.
    No one kills the other.
  1226. I thought you were smiling,
    but you are not.
  1227. Elif, shall we go tomorrow and fix a date
  1228. Let's get married before the end of the month.
    What do you say?
  1229. Elif!...Elif, what is going on?
  1230. I asked you one question, Omer!
    I asked you one thing.
  1231. But you don't even feel the need to answer me.
    As if I never asked you that question.
  1232. You are trying to avoid it.
    Elif, this is not the time.
  1233. - When is the right time? When?
  1234. I think that this is the right time.
    Elif, we can talk through this.
  1235. Fine. Since it is so simple that
    we can solve it with talk, then let us do it now.
  1236. Did you decide to resign?
  1237. Today I received a sign as to why
    I chose to be a policeman.
  1238. You remembered why you became a policeman,
    but you forgot to give me an answer.
  1239. Elif, why don't you understand that there isn’t
    an answer to your question? I can't leave my profession.
  1240. You loved me this way. We fell in love this way.
    Now you are telling me to give up my profession.
  1241. Do you understand that? Look, if you were
    a professor or a driver - anything but a policeman…
  1242. I would never ask you to give up your profession. But,
    as long as you are a policeman, you will doubt your decisions.
  1243. And every time you think that you are right, you will lose a piece of yourself.
    And one day, Omer, one day, you will no longer be the man I love.
  1244. I want to leave everything behind me with you.
    I want a new life with you.
  1245. Fearless, calm.
    Omer, I want to be happy with you!
  1246. Now that we have solved everything
    my profession is standing between us?
  1247. One minute! Why me? Why should I pay the price?
    Why should I leave the profession that I love and cherish?
  1248. Omer, please don't do this.
    - No, YOU don't do this!
  1249. What you doing is just impulsive. You are acting like
    a flighty woman. You say something, and it must be that way.
  1250. After that, what would I do? What can I be?
    What other profession am I supposed to choose?
  1251. You have everything - your job,
    your holding, your profession. You have order!
  1252. I.. – You what, Elif, you what?
  1253. Elif, would you leave your job and profession?
    Would you leave the holding to your sister? I didn't think so!
  1254. You never asked me to!
    - I am asking you now. I am asking you!
  1255. Would you leave designing and everything you’ve put into it?
    Would you leave the holding to your sister?
  1256. You can't do that, of course!
  1257. Uncle! Arda is asking for you!
    You have been gone for two hours. Come on in.
  1258. Ok, we are coming.
    – Elif, you come too.
  1259. Ok, you are broken. They took
    everything from you. I admit it.
  1260. You will start from scratch, Grandpa.
    Come with us.
  1261. Ok, I will. And then we will open a store and sell watermelons.
    We will earn in summer and spend in winter.
  1262. - Think it through. You will die here.
  1263. Maybe he will not be able to take the place of your children,
    but you will be a grandfather to my son. Is that so bad?
  1264. You are talking too much, Fatih.
    You get carried away by emotions just like me.
  1265. I am not going with you!
    If you want, go on.
  1266. I will live my life as it was my destiny. The end. I am finished with escapes.
    I will spend the rest of my life in here. The way I deserve it.
  1267. Fine, Grandpa, don't come. But I will leave here.
    I will take my wife and my mother and have a new life.
  1268. Like I deserve.
  1269. Pelo, where is Elif?
    - I haven’t seen her.
  1270. Where are you going?
    We still need to dance.
  1271. Ok, Buddy, you warm up, and then
    I will come and tire you out dancing. Don't worry.
  1272. No way, Buddy. My shoes are broken
    from dancing. You will dance too.
  1273. Ok, Buddy, ok. Let me find Elif, and I will be back.
    Don't you dare escape from me!, Pelin, come here.
  1274. Mother, have you seen Elif?
    -She was here, but I haven't seen her in a while.
  1275. Where did she go?
  1276. Devrem, have you seen Elif?
    - She was here a while ago.
  1277. Let me ask Asli. She is gone, too.
    I hope everything is all right.
  1278. {\i1}The number you are calling is not available.
  1279. {\i1}The number you are calling is not available....