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  1. Let's assume you have to develop a new complex chip from scratch, all the code,
  2. both for the chip model and the verification environment, that's borderline
  3. impossible. It's just too much work, and you would introduce too many bugs with
  4. all that new code. Therefore, reusing existing code is essential in
  5. verification to make you productive. It matters a lot how you write your code
  6. and how you organize it. Reusability is a sliding scale. We want to show you
  7. how to make your code as reusable as possible. In 2002, eRM, the e Reuse
  8. Methodology was introduced, with good guidelines on how to do this. Later on,
  9. this evolved into UVM, the Universal Verification Methodology. Hence, in this
  10. unit, we will show you how they adapt the router environment to UVM. In the
  11. spirit of this unit, we also will reuse instructors. Hence,
  12. [UNKNOWN]
  13. will guide you through the rest of this unit.