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  1. In a Moment of Vision...
  2. It's 1905, Northern California.
  3. Frank Epperson is eleven years old.
  4. He's sitting on his front porch
    making a sort of DIY drink
  5. that's very popular at this time.
  6. He has just poured a sugary soda powder
    into a glass of water
  7. and is mixing enthusiastically
    with a wooden stir stick.
  8. We don't know exactly how the next
    24 hours play out,
  9. but we can imagine that something
    catches Frank's attention
  10. and he abandons his drink mid-stir.
  11. After a cold Bay Area night,
  12. Frank rediscovers his mix drink
    the next morning.
  13. It's frozen solid.
  14. But instead of throwing it out,
  15. Frank pulls the icy block of soda out
    of the glass by the embedded stir stick
  16. and, in a moment of vision, licks it.
  17. Delighted by his invention,
  18. Frank begins making the frozen treat
    for friends,
  19. and as he grows older,
  20. begins selling them as Eppsicles,
  21. a contraction of his last name
    and the word icicle.
  22. It is rumored that later,
  23. Frank's own kids dubbed the icy
    delicacy Pop's 'cicle.
  24. Others claim the name is a combination
    of lollipop and icicle.
  25. Regardless where the name comes from,
    the popsicle is here to stay.
  26. Approximately 2 billion popsicles
    are sold each year.