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  1. So I mean--that's an area we can probably use a lot more computation
  2. and use it profitably and actually see the difference,
  3. so one of the questions I always ask my students when I'm teaching is,
  4. "What are you going to do with 100 times more compute power?"
  5. So how about in the more high performance computing area?
  6. What are people going to do with 100 times more flops?
  7. >> Well there are some problems which have limitless amounts of computational need--
  8. things like understanding disease.
  9. The work being done by folks like Vijay Pande at Stanford,
  10. where you're trying to simulate the actual progression of a cell
  11. as it gets attacked in the disease.
  12. He's got a project working on Alzheimer's
  13. where he's trying to actually witness a nerve cell and watch a nerve cell die at the atomic level,
  14. simulating every gene and protein and cell membrane
  15. as it gets infected and eventually deteriorates.
  16. Just think how many atoms are in a cell and simulating that in real time
  17. or at least in a timeline where you can actually understand disease down to the actual chemical level.
  18. It's really going to provide a cool breakthrough for how we treat those things
  19. and understand the very complicated pathways
  20. and then design the right kind of drug that can get in there and stop it at the right point and keep people healthy.
  21. I think that's one of the cooler things we are going to be doing in computers.