When is Worth Paying for Social Media?

I know you love Wednesday as much as I do because Ken Herron, Mr. Cool Hunter, joins me to share the latest, greatest, best and worst from the digital world. Today is no exception.

So first question is: when should you pay for extra services, monthly subscriptions, promotions, or advertising on social media? Well, it turns out there is a compelling new feature on LinkedIn that will absolutely get your attention and may be worth your investment in their Premium service.

Have you been frustrated in not being able to search your own pins on Pinterest? I was and thought it was me! Turns out that feature never existed up until now. We’ll tell how and why you may want to review your pins and update your Pinterest account.

If you’ve been listening to Ken, you already know that Vine is magic when it comes to your Twitter communications, but alas, it was only available for iPhones…that is until now. And wait until you hear how the expansion to the Android market has exploded Vine.

Facebook just released Pipe, which is a file transfer utility – all accessible and downloadable right within facebook. No more sending people to Box or Dropbox or YouSendIt. Keep them happy and engaged by sending files to friends and likes up to 1 GB. Also, soon to be released is Foursquare’s new proximity marketing advertising tool. If the beta test in New York is as successful as we think, it will be coming to your area soon.

Finally, we have to talk about Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends Report just released late last week. It is chock full of information that will keep bloggers happily occupied for weeks and maybe months to come. Today we’ll hit some of the highlights of the findings that are most important to you!