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  1. So when my son, Evan, was about 12, 13 months old, he said ba for water. Well,
  2. why is that? Well, he learned bottle of water and so he said ba. Now, he would
  3. even extend this to anything water. So, for instance, a lake or a pool or a
  4. bathtub. Now my wife and I of course knew this, we had to translate though for
  5. his babysitters or other people. Because he developed his own unique way of
  6. saying things. Which is pretty common when children are first learning
  7. language. So, in fact, perhaps you have examples of a sibling or a cousin who's
  8. at the similar age right now and says things their own way. So why don't you go
  9. to the forum and talk about this, maybe give some examples that you know about.