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  1. One way to think about this problem is the inverse. Which of these processes
  2. normally is done by a programmable shader? The illumination model is evaluated
  3. at the vertex or shader level. Similarly, the vertex shader performs model view
  4. transforms as well as perspective, though not the perspective divide. The
  5. Z-buffer is hardwired in. As this is a speed critical piece that is used by
  6. most 3D applications. It's evaluated outside of the fragment shader. Image
  7. post-processing, such as color correction and so on, is something that can be
  8. done in the fragment shader. Typically by rendering a full screen quadrilateral
  9. to drive the computations. Rasterization happens in between vertex and fragment
  10. shading, so it's performed by dedicated hardware. It's what generates the
  11. fragments for the fragment shader to process. Clipping is also hardwired and
  12. happens just after the vertex shader and before rasterization itself. The
  13. vertex shader outputs vertex locations and clipping space for this hardware to
  14. process.