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  1. Let's get started with Tales from the Genome.
  2. >> We're really excited that you've decided to join
  3. us on our exploration of the human experience through biology.
  4. >> We really hope that this going to
  5. be an awesome learning odysee that just might
  6. change the way you think about yourself and
  7. others in a fundamental way. For example, whether
  8. you know it or not, the objects in
  9. these two images are intimately related. The image
  10. on the right, I think you already know what that is. But the image on the left,
  11. represents a DNA molecule, the substance that
  12. makes up all of our genomes. All living
  13. things including you, are created from their
  14. genomes which are a set of genetic instructions.
  15. >> That seems pretty mechanical to me.
  16. >> Well it is, sort of, Biology is just Chemistry that crawls.
  17. >> So you mean like chemistry that comes to life. Well yeah, what I mean
  18. is that every physical aspect of who you are is deeply rooted in the chemical
  19. engineering processes that interprets the information
  20. within your genome. Together with environmental
  21. influence, your genome and unique development,
  22. the chemistry of you is what brought
  23. you to where you are today. But, I am a psychology person. So
  24. it's not just the physical aspects, right? What about our feeling and behaviors?
  25. >> Well, your physical aspects. You size,
  26. your metabolism. Even your behaviors and your interests.
  27. >> So even the personality traits, too.
  28. >> Exactly. These
  29. are all deeply influenced by your genome's instructions. If you
  30. were to zoom into your body. You would see that you
  31. are made up of trillions of individual cells, all different,
  32. because they read different parts of your genome's instructions. Some are
  33. skin cells that use melanin to protect you from UV
  34. rays from the sun. Some are stomach cells that help you
  35. digest products that you eat and drink. Others are red
  36. blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of your body.
  37. All of these cells and more. Use your genomes instructions
  38. to build who you are. You are a giant conglomeration of
  39. cells, all meticulously reading the book of instructions to keep you
  40. alive and functioning. Forming the basis for all of your traits.
  41. >> Now, this course will help you relate your traits to this book
  42. of instruction. And show you some really amazing life stories along the way.