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  1. Today, we're going to be talking about distribution channels.
  2. How does your product get from your company to your customer?
  3. You're all familiar with the business model canvas.
  4. We've already talked about value propositions and we've talked about customer segments
  5. in the last two lectures, but today we're going to talk about channels.
  6. So let's take a look at our business model canvas.
  7. Channels is just one of the nine boxes in the canvas and it's a series of hypothesis
  8. of how does our product get from our company to our customer.
  9. Now, when companies first started, there were essentially manufacturing concerns
  10. and they hired agents, outsiders to be their sales channel, and the first types of companies we had
  11. made physical products and therefore, had physical channels--salespeople, stores, etc.,
  12. but with the emergence of the web, we now have web and mobile channels.
  13. And so a choice for us is picking the right distribution channel.
  14. We're going to talk about physical versus web mobile channels.