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  1. Let's go through it together--the Web page is broken down into words and trees.
  2. That's lexing and parsing, and we do that first.
  3. This is right; the Web page is then interpreted--that's True.
  4. Some of the fragments or elements that we come across
  5. might be JavaScript--embedded JavaScript--
  6. so then we have to call the JavaScript interpreter.
  7. So thus far, the first 3 seem pretty good.
  8. Eventually, the user's JavaScript code on the Web page
  9. may call: write--at which point we'll have to
  10. store all of that output so that we can display it on the Web page.
  11. That's good.
  12. Ah! But then here we're suggesting that the
  13. JavaScript interpreter calls the graphics library.
  14. This is an erroneous step; in our particular architecture,
  15. the JavaScript interpreter returns all of the strings to the HTML interpreter
  16. and that interpreter, then, calls the graphics library.
  17. This is what's known as a Design Decision.
  18. For our particular Web browser,
  19. only the HTML interpreter is going to call the graphics library.
  20. That's not the only way to do it.
  21. Just like there's more than one way to build a house,
  22. there's more than one way to build or design a Web browser.
  23. We've just decided for this particular one,
  24. that only the HTML interpreter's going to call the graphics library.
  25. I claim that's going to simplify the amount of code we'd have to write.