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  1. We've accomplished this first part to find which arts have coordinates.
  2. Let's just stick our comments up here.
  3. Now let's say, if we have any arts coords, make an image URL.
  4. If points image URL equals--
  5. let's call this gmaps_image, and that's going to take some points.
  6. And guess what? You get to write this function.
  7. What I'd like you to do is implement this function_gmaps image.
  8. It's going to take a list of points.
  9. Now, in the ASCII Chan program
  10. there's going to be these Google GeoPoint objects,
  11. but since we don't have access to that in the IDE
  12. I made a fake Point_class that just has two properties - lat and long
  13. so it should work the same way as a Google Point does,
  14. and I made a little fake list of points here that
  15. we'll be testing with and we'll also throw you some other ones.
  16. You should generate a URL that looks like this.
  17. These parameters are all fixed--the size and the sensor--
  18. and you can have a template URL here and then
  19. what you need to do is you need to add these marker parameters
  20. to the end of this URL and return it. It shouldn't be too bad. Good luck.