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  1. So you might remember in the beginning of this unit we talked about this example
  2. where we use supervised learning to train the speed of our robot Stanley.
  3. Now we are going to do the same thing in the simplified example.
  4. So picture a robot like the self driving car in the desert adjusting it's speed.
  5. It'll do it based on some features we can observe and
  6. the features we chose in this example are just two of them.
  7. There's the steepness of the terrain.
  8. Whether it's flat or whether it's a hill.
  9. And then there's the ruggedness of the terrain.
  10. How much the vehicle bops up and
  11. down which we can, we can actually measure inside a car.
  12. And what we do is we're going to set up an example where you're going to be
  13. the machine learning specialist and you will learn, you will,
  14. you will help Stanley decide whether to go fast or slow.
  15. Using supervised machine learning.
  16. So, let's begin.